Well Played St. Jude

The most stressful part about Christmas cards is addressing the envelopes. I fret sometimes if I don’t have an awesome family photo for my cards, but when it comes down to it, the bulk of the stress is about the time that it takes to address each envelope. Every year, I think, “gosh, I should just print the address on these bad boys.” But then, I consider the time investment to type out each address and so I decide “maybe next year.” Then there is my own address. Bryant and I move a lot…sometimes the best way to tell people what state I am in is to simply send them some mail. I am obviously the worst pen pal in the world so this doesn’t happen until Christmas. And I’m apparently also cheap because I don’t want to pay for return address labels.

So, I was pretty happy when I received a packet of free address labels in the mail!!! Bryant was all “hey look, you got free address labels!” I yelped and admired them, “THEY HAVE SNOWMEN ON THEM!” and then, I read the note attached.

“We hope you think of our boys and girls as you use them”


So, in good conscience, I can not use these labels if I don’t give money to St. Jude. And you know what, I really want to give money to St. Jude, because A) its a good thing to do and cancer really is a nasty bitch and B) This tactic was seriously well thought out



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