Tis’ the Season

We are in a season of community–a time where families and friends come together to focus on being thankful, giving, and loving, and it seems (sarcastically) appropriate for people to be extra hateful and call it a “moral” or a “value.” I don’t care where you hold your allegiance, whether it be with Jesus or with a belief in nothing at all, it is never acceptable to treat people like garbage. Equality means all things equal–I do not believe it is ok to claim inequality in the name of Jesus.

There was a Facebook post that went up over the weekend about a business run by Christians (it is NOT a Christian organization), who have supported the Marriage Bill by financially supporting organizations that are a part of the anti-gay movement. In addition, the company said that they do not accept same-sex couples, and while they will be given service and shown “respect” if they came into their business, they do not support their lifestyle. Here is my issue. Business’ have every right to support whatever political causes that they want, but to say that this business is showing everyone equality and respect is a joke. The responses to this article were mostly supportive with comments like “Good for them! Way to stand up for your values!” Additionally, there was a shared perspective that this business saying that they did not support homosexuals or same-sex relationships is the same as Focus on the Family or any other Christian organization standing up for their value system.

This is not about whether I support gay marriage or not, or whether God supports gay marriage or not, the issue here is that Christians have decided that it is ok for them to decide what is acceptable and then pretend like they are simply stating their values, when really they are throwing out judgements. I can not understand what is Christ-like about that. I take the stand that if this company wants to make a statement against homosexuals, they better be ready to make a statement against all ‘sin’ because one is not ‘worse’ than the other. We can easily make this a biblical debate about what is a sin and what is not, but I stand by the fact that it is none of my business. I will continue to support equal rights for everyone, and when it comes to sin, I’m going to let that be between me and God. It is none of my business, and definitely not my job to pass judgement on others based on my interpretation of the Bible. So I ask you this question, what do YOU think the appropriate response to a business deciding to make this kind of statement against a specific group of people should be? 

We are in a season of giving. A season that is about gratefulness and generosity. A season where I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and remain thankful that grace was freely given to me so that I can live a life free of shame. I want to celebrate THIS season in EVERY season. Maybe that is the challenge of Christmas.



  1. I find it strange that they make the effort to support companies that support the marriage bill but then make a stand like that. If you are gonna make a stand (and I agree a not-so-thought out or loving Christ like stand) then don’t wobble to make it all okay.

    • I agree with you on that. Its like they are trying to excuse their position somehow. I don’t think its a position they should take, but as you said, if you are going to take it, don’t back peddle. Accept the consequences.

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