Motherhood Mondays: The Year of the Dragon

This morning, I had my weekly OB appointment and of course managed to pass out on the exam table. Husband is getting really sick of the fainting–mostly because its contributing to a constant state of anxiety. Heres the good news people: It is the year of the dragon. All of this turmoil and medical mystery nonsense, it really will all be worth it…yes because we will be parents and she will be wonderful and blah blah blah, but ALSO because SHE IS A DRAGON BABY! Chinese people are stepping up their baby making skills, even resorting to IVF, and Fertility treatments, why do you ask? Because it is the year of the dragon. Kinsey will be extra lucky and powerful, and she’ll probably come out of the uterus already speaking 4 different languages. She will be like that freaky advanced baby from the Series of Unfortunate Events…ya know how that baby can walk around but its only like 6 months old? Yep. That will be my baby. She will play piano and the violin…AT THE SAME TIME.

I am 34 weeks. My doctor today said he is still planning on delivering at 37 weeks (now possibly via C-Section, which is great news for my lady bits…see how I just spun that bad news into good news?). That gives us 3 more weeks to build up our Dragon expectations for little Kinsey. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to continue baking my baby, and watch another 4 hours of Downton Abbey.


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