See Ya Later Snooki!

Remember when I said “I’m home y’all” upon moving across the country?! Scratch that, reverse it…

It has become increasingly clear to me that my Husband and I do not like to stay in one place for very long. We always say “this will be the last time…” I think THIS TIME, we learned our lesson. The lesson: We are liars and we don’t even know it.


Where to? Salt Lake City, Utah.


Basically, Bryant was approached by his Managing Director telling him that his name had come up as someone who would be a good fit for this new opportunity at the Salt Lake City Office. They are sending one of their VP’s and wanted Bryant to go with him to be a part of this new group/division of his current department to help train the new employees and help with the transition. I am sure my version of what exactly is happening is “sort of” what is really happening, since there was a bunch of financial talk involved and terms that I’m not really familiar with because I speak ‘Fashion’ more fluently than ‘Finance’, but you get the point. So new awesome opportunity for Bryant to stay with the firm and be apart of something awesome because he is so awesome. Yes, I am my husband’s biggest fan.

Bryant did not immediately agree, though he knew that I was on board without even talking to me. The idea was mulled over for a few weeks, and Bryant tried to keep my excitement together because there was still a chance that it would not happen or that the timing wouldn’t be as soon as we thought etc. etc. But, this week, all came together, and we are officially going.

New Jersey sucks, you guys. It really does. Yes, I love our apartment, and I love our neighborhood, and I love New York City and its 8 minute distance from us, but I have no friends. I really don’t. Not a single one. I talk to people at the dog park, but it has been really hard to make friends when I am so pregnant and so isolated. I really miss Oregon and Utah is SO MUCH CLOSER TO OREGON. And, I am thrilled that SLC is SO MUCH CLOSER TO COLORADO. In addition, since we found out we were having a baby, this parental thing surfaced…as if it was hibernating and then at the first signs of life inside my uterus it was no longer dormant, but raging with rational parental concerns, LIKE NO WAY IN HELLS IS KINSEY GOING TO SCHOOL HERE! Seriously. The other night, there was some kind of rumble in the park across the street. I opened the window so I could hear the fight, and it was like “Yo, n****! You slept with my boo! You gonna pay!” Bryant had taken the dogs outside so I was talking to him on the phone and watching him walk back in and I was like “Should I call the cops?” and Bryant said “No, remember when that lady was being chased by the scary guy and I walked her home? I called the cops for her and they said they wouldn’t send anyone, they won’t do anything.” NO WAY IN HELLS IS KINSEY GOING TO SCHOOL HERE!

We don’t have an exact date yet. But we will be heading west in May/June. I think more in May than June but we should know soon. Kinsey will be 2 months old ish, and hopefully a rockstar. I know she will be upset that she was born in New Jersey, but at least I got her the hell out before she could develop a Jersey accent. And, to add a tasty cherry to the top of this Jersey hating cake, it seems that Jersey City ok’d the filming of the new Jersey Shore spin-off featuring JWOWW and Snooki. Yep. It is time to go.



  1. Yay! I almost went to grad school in Salt Lake- it’s BEAUTIFUL, lots of local shops & restaurants, outdoorsiness at your doorstep! I think you guys will really like it. πŸ™‚

  2. Haha, yeah Utah sounds like a much better fit for you guys. Yay, congrats!

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