WubbaNubs, Infant Carriers, and Madonna

I’m almost 6 weeks into this whole Mommy business. I am now seasoned, a little less new; however, still a total amateur at most things like “is this amount of poop normal?” and “holy geez my boobs hurt!!” But, as I figure out the difference between spit up and throw up, I have come to appreciate two things.

1) The WubbaNub. Whoever the lucky genius was behind the pacifier plush toy deserves more than a billion dollars– this thing has given me the gift of sleep and that my friends is worth everything to a new mommy. Kinsey sometimes can’t decide if she wants to go to sleep. She’s like “yes, I’m tired, but look at these hands, aren’t they neat? And look at those crazy things you people call walls!!” She’ll drift off and then jolt really intensely as to say “to hell with you sleep! Why are you sneaking up on me? WAH!!I WANT TO STARE AT THE WALLS!” Introducing, the WubbaNub. Relaxing, soothing, sits on Kinsey’s chest so she can let go and start sucking again without me having to get up and put the pacifier back in her mouth a gazillion times. Check out the walls all you want baby, but keep that mute button in your hole!

2) The Infant Carrier. We have the Petunia Tour Guide. I am in love with it. The afternoon nap can be tricky. Kinsey is tired certainly, but this world is an exciting and frustrating place. If she doesn’t go to sleep, I am pretty much screwed. It leads to a fussy afternoon followed by a pre-bedtime ritual that can only be described as devastating. She will scream and cry and be so tired that she CAN’T fall asleep. So! I put her in the carrier, and go for a stroll, usually to Starbucks so there’s something in it for me (other than exercise & outside world contact of course). After a minute or so of screams, she can not resist the closeness and gentle hop in my step. Baby is out cold in minutes. I get a latte. WIN-WIN!

6 weeks is the golden mark where you go back to your lady doctor to see what is up…or down (more accurately). After a traumatizing baby exit, the last thing you want is a doctor fishing around your lady parts. It’s just too soon, the memories still a nightmare, the pain still fresh…and then you hear the words “As good as new.” WHAT??? NEW?? Are you trying to tell me I’m a 14 year old girl down there??? Current theme song: Like A Virgin Oh, and my husband? Totally embarrassed that I chose to break out in song at my lady bits appointment.



  1. I have 3 children…. and I am still learning. I love your descriptions for even the simplest of things. And the Like a Virgin, had me dying. Great Post!

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