Fashion. Smashin.

Did you all know I’m an expert fashionista? I am. No, seriously. I got my undergraduate degree in Apparel and Merchandising, have worked in the fashion/apparel industry in some capacity since graduating (manufacturing, retail, visual merchandising, ecommerce). Ok, so I am no expert but I’d like to be. So! Now, I’m all mothering my infant and wearing sweatpants all the time (I’ve always done that actually) but, starting school again! I applied to Kansas State’s Graduate Program and was accepted. I’m starting classes in the Fall and getting my Master’s in Fashion and Textiles with a specialization in Merchandising. I LOVE school. I LOVE fashion. I LOVE the business of fashion. But mostly, I’m thrilled about stimulating my brain cells while breast feeding. I can see it now…Kinsey feeding while I scan the pages of WWD’s review of Fashion Week. I’m hoping to work again–dive back in once I finish my graduate work. At least that’s the plan.

So readers: do you like school? Have you thought about going back to school? Does juggling school and work and whatever else (in my case mothering) intimidate you? Because holy geez I hope I can do it.



  1. Wanna go shopping with me?? 😉

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