My Last Week in the Concrete Jungle

My last week. We moved here just a little under a year ago with the intentions of calling here home. I think under different circumstances maybe we would have been happier and made forever last a little longer. I spent most of our first summer pregnant. 90 degrees plus yucky east coast humidity, hobbling around, feeling like I was hungover. I had a difficult pregnancy, and my Mom was flying out here every couple of months to take care of me because I had no one…wasn’t even really given the chance to build community. Circumstances made me physically bound to my apartment and so it was impossible for me to even try to love Jersey City.

We love New York City, and I think we would be happy to move back in a few years. But, for this time in our lives, with a new baby, and after coming off of a new state every year 1/2 (seriously, 4 states in 4 years, about to make it 5!), we need to settle a bit…somewhere where there’s open spaces and mountains and serenity. We are hoping Utah will be that.

So, I am going to get the most out of the city this week. Spend some time at the places we love. My sister is coming with her beautiful family for a couple days and my little nephew and niece will meet their very first cousin for the first time. This week, not just because it is our last, will bring so much joy. I am going to try to remember the good parts this week, after all, here is where we grew our family, to which I am most thankful for. Thankful that we have a healthy, beautiful daughter, thankful that I had an incredible team of doctors, thankful that despite my pregnancy complications, I am alive and well and feeling better than I ever did. For those reasons, I’ll eventually get over my hate for Jersey City…I think.


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