On Mice

Remember the rustle that was not a ghost? The exterminator has now come twice. Plus, we have found a dead mouse, plus more droppings as if the dead mouse has multiple furry friends.

Here’s the deal. I randomly get really stressed about the mice. Last night, Franny was rummaging in the kitchen. Zoey randomly barked…THEN, I swear I heard a squeal and then one of the dogs coughed. Do you think one of them digested a mouse? Can dogs even catch mice? I was tossing and turning last night because of my nasty cold and everytime I thought Bryant was awake too, I would mumble “mouse…there’s a mouse” and Bryant would say “Katie, dogs can’t catch nice.” A few hours later, I’d swear I heard a scurry…so I didn’t go to the bathroom until broad daylight because mice only come out at night right?!?!? RIGHT?!

It’s a good thing I’m leaving tomorrow. Because I’m losing my mind.


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