Single Parenting 1.0

Bryant went to North Carolina this weekend to be with his family after the passing of his grandmother. I had a days notice, and mentally prepped myself for the unknown because on top of being a new mother, I have not spent more than 10 hours alone with Kinsey. Yes, I’ve done the days by myself, and I’m generally the one who gets up with her at night, but days, plus nights, x3? No relief? No bathroom breaks? Not to mention the two chocolate Labradors that also need tender love and care? Oye. I feel like I’ve been running a marathon. My to-do list feels impossible because when and if I manage to get Kinsey down for a nap, all I want to do is sleep, or eat a gallon of ice cream…but then I look up and there’s two puppy faces staring at me with sad puppy eyes. I’m so tired you guys. Seriously, exhausted. I feel like my arms might fall off. I don’t know why my arms have anything to do with it but they are super sore and my best guess is that it’s from all the parenting. Operation Heidi Klum on top of all this is just too much. I need a bubble bath, and a nap. Today, I went to church and single parented in public then single parented my way home, then single parented my kid to bed. I’m now sitting in front of the TV, drinking a beer, watching Food Network, and thinking of how screwed I’d be if I was in this alone. Bravo single parents! Seriously, I do not know how you do it. Your children probably lack furry animal companions for one thing, because obviously that would just be insanity. You probably drink a lot when the sun goes down, because I really don’t see any other way to cope. Bravo to you. Y’all are silent heroes.


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