Chicken and Rice

Some days are done best when they are done simple. Rid of the complexities in scheduling and errands, to do lists and quotas…better enjoyed with a bit of chicken and rice.

We went to the park today. Walked around with the dogs, let them swim in the creek, and soaked in the sunshine. Simple. We sat on the Starbucks patio, sipped ice coffees and talked to Kinsey about life. Simple. I threw together dinner, baked chicken breasts, artichokes, mushrooms, and carrots, thrown on top of rice and Italian dressing. Simple.

Our days need more chicken and rice. Less clutter. Less stress. Less errands. More family. More relaxation. More love. Time is fleeting, so why waste it on busy?

I think this is a better kind of happiness. The kind that feels full. The kind that just is.

Chicken. Rice. And a bit of flavor.

Happy 3-day weekend friends/bloggers. And thank you to our troops, who have given up the simple to defend our country and fight for our freedoms. We are forever grateful.


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