My Baby Essentials Part II

I didn’t expect such a positive response to Baby Essentials Numero Uno. So, what do you say we go for a round 2? Just a few extras that we love, because holy geez babies need so much stuff!

11. Aden and Anais Sleep Sack

Again, no surprise that I love every single one of their products, but these are absolutely genius. Bryant and I like to run the air conditioning, and every new parent freaks out about their baby freezing to death. You want to put a blanket on them, but then you run the risk of them grabbing it and putting it over their face, or rolling their face into it somehow and suffocating…the list of ways your baby could spontaneously die from something as simple as a blanket can get lengthy when you are running on less than an hour of sleep post partum. SO! Problem solved. Blanket that you can easily zip over baby’s pajamas. These are thin too, so its not too much fabric, but just enough to keep baby warm.  BONUS: You can use the size small from 0-6 months.

(Image: Aden + Anais Jungle Jam Cozy Sleeping Bag from

12. The Boppy Pillow

We bought our Boppy while I was pregnant. It was kind of nice to use when I was sitting on the couch or chair as a lower back support. Then, it was great to sit on when I came home from the hospital since everything down under was super sore (especially my tail bone!). Then, I was nursing around the clock those first few days, and the position was KILLING my back. The Bobby worked perfectly so I could rest Kinsey on it and let her eat with my hands free. Then, Kinsey really hated tummy time, so we used the Boppy to prop her up a bit, and give her some support underneath her chest. Basically, this pillow’s multi-use capabilities make it absolutely worth every penny. You can find it at most Target stores, or online.

(Image: Cotton Cute- Park Hill Boppy from

13. Eric Carle Activity Toys

Ok, who doesn’t love Eric Carle’s childrens’ books? The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? were staples in our bookshelf growing up. We bought a few of his books for Kinsey of course (currently really loving the Mister Seahorse book that praises Father’s of the ocean)…so, I was ESTATIC when I found Eric Carle’s activity toys. We have a couple, and even I like to play with them. They mirror the book illustrations, and for me, just make me happy. There are a million activity toy brands out there, (Lamaze, Skip Hop, Whoozit…to name a few), and I think they all are probably interchangeable, but ITS ERIC CARLE YOU GUYS!

(Image: Kid’s Preferred Eric Carle Activity Very Hungry Caterpillar from

14. Sandra Boynton Books

She is fantastic. Bryant and I have a bunch of her books, and more than once we end up laughing hysterically while Kinsey just stares at us like we are crazy. We strongly believe that reading to baby at a young age is crucial to their development, so we read to Kinsey every day. She writes a bunch of books, and they are short and sweet, and pretty silly. Definitely a must-have for your cherub’s bookshelf. Our favorite, “The Belly Button Book.”

(Image: ‘The Belly Button Book’ from


15. Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket

Munchkin makes a million really great baby products, but this is one that I would consider a staple. My sister kept telling me about it, and I looked high and wide and never found it. I don’t know if it was my pregnancy state of mind or what, but she ended up getting it for me, and we use it pretty regularly. Basically, it just fits into your dishwasher, but makes it really easy to wash bottles and nipples so they don’t go flying all over your dishwasher, or flip upside down and get that nasty soapy film inside. Really great if you pump and bottle feed (or formula feed, of course). I use it to wash some of the pump parts too. Its pretty handy. You can find it at most target stores, and online.

(Image: Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket from

And that wraps it up. Aden + Anais deserves an honorable mention because we also use their wash cloths and baby towels. They just rolled out a new skin care line too that I’m going to try out because I’m sure its also awesome. They also have this really great baby clock/temperature/noise maker/feeding timer/night light that they just rolled out, and if you don’t have an iPhone (since there’s an app for most of that), I can imagine it would be VERY handy.

Happy shopping Mama’s and Pop Pop’s! And, Congratulations on your precious angel babies.



  1. No dishwasher, but we got one of these as a gift….

    Apparently a place to dry bottles and binkies. Kinda cool.

    And totally getting the Belly Button Book.

    • We have one of those too. And they are really excellent for drying because the dishwasher is weird for drying for some reason. Also, I boil everything pretty frequently (pump parts and bottles and pacifiers) and so I use that thing a lot.

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