Fit Mom Failure: An Operation Heidi Klum Update

Remember when I was all “I am going to be so awesome and run all the time! Operation Heidi Klum Bitches!” Yeah, so that lasted like a month.

Here is the thing: I really love brownies. And right now, because of all the breast feeding, I am not seeing any negative consequences to eating brownies. Its terrible, I know. I eat pretty healthy aside from the countless “rewards” I give myself for doing really basic things like getting Kinsey down for a nap, or cleaning my house. So, at the end of June, I recognized my poor eating habits and decided that July was going to be the start of trying to establish good eating habits again. “Again” because I used to not want to eat brownies and was way more disciplined and intentional about what I put into my mouth. So, last week I gave myself a pass, because I was traveling and 4th of July happened, and I had a bunch of other excuses for totally sucking.

Now is my time. Because I realized that someday soonish, Kinsey will reject my boob, and then I will not have that extra 500 calorie bonus for keeping my child alive. So, I’ve set some realistic goals that will help me ease into success. I’m sure that is what Heidi would do.

1) Run 10 miles this week. However many days it takes me to do that, that is how many days I will workout. Generally, this means about 4 days, maybe 3, but I think if I track my mileage instead of having this other goal of “I will workout every single day” and then put it off until tomorrow, it will be easier for me to grasp.

2) I can not have Starbucks unless I walk there. The coffee shop is literally a 10 minute walk. It is embarrassing that I was driving there up until last week. It actually takes me less time to walk than to drive. This means that I will either go less, or I will feel like I earned it, either way, I can not lose.

3) I like to snack. Probably because I am home all day. I am good at making healthy meal choices, but then feel unfulfilled and end up snacking. For that reason, I am trying to add some healthy proteins and fats to my salads and sandwiches so that I feel full and happy longer. Adding a boiled egg to my spinach salad is easy, or an avocado to my half whole wheat turkey sandwich…really basic additions that taste delicious and will keep me away from the granola bar box.

That is my starting line right now. I like to run, so there is no reason for me to avoid it. I never regret going. I debated about signing up for a half marathon that is September 1st to help push me, but after really considering it, there is no way I would feel ready by then. If I am going to do a race, I want to feel like I can do it and be proud of myself at the end of it. So, I’m going to sign up for something that will be a bit more realistic and achievable.

Do you guys have any health goals? Fit mom goals? Do you love brownies too? Damn brownies.



  1. cleansedbygod says:

    I want to lose thirty pounds.

    • That is a great goal. What are you doing to get there? I’m shooting for 20 (I’m lucky to have already lost my pregnancy weight so its just a matter of getting healthier…something I fought pre pregnancy as well).

      • I want to start eating more vegetables including healthier foods. I also want to make sure that I exercise everyday for at least thirty minutes. Any other advice you would recommend?

      • I am definitely not a health expert, but ultimately setting smaller goals make the bigger goals less daunting. Focusing on being healthy is easier than worrying about the scale, and I am way more successful when I meal plan in advance than trying to make healthful decisions in the moment. You can do it!

      • Good idea thanks! 🙂

  2. The fabulous Robin Rasmussen (aka, my Starbucks Twin) sent me these tips via Facebook. Thought I’d share them, because they are pretty awesome.

    I just wanted to give you some advice on how I lost 20lbs. I am so much like you and I love to eat and I love to snack.

    Here are some first steps you can take.

    1. Calculate your BMR. This is how many calories your body needs to survive if you were in a coma.

    2. Calculate your daily calorie needs. I suggest lightly active.

    3. Subtract the bigger of the two numbers by 500. That’s your magic number. Eat that many calories a day and you will lose about a pound a week on average. It will fall off pretty fast at first but that is mostly water weight.

    4. Sign up for a calorie counting site. My favorite so far as been LoseIt. That will also calculate your daily calories for you but it is very important to make sure you are not eating BELOW your BMR. If LoseIt gives you a number that is below your BMR, your body will go into starvation mode and hold the calories instead of burn them. Adjust the LostIt number so it comes close to your “magic” number as possible.

    Track everything that goes into your mouth. Measure everything you eat. It is hard and tedious at first but you will get used to it and watch the pounds fall off. Also drink A LOT of water. I shoot for 75 to 100 oz a day. I recommend getting a Camelbak water bottle from Target. Try to eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism up.

    Good luck!

    Also to find the most ideal and HEALTHY weight for you, calculate your BMI ( and play around with the weight until you get your BMI to around 20-22.

    Remember this is not a diet. This is a lifestyle change! It’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while or have a cheat meal or a cheat day even.

  3. I’m so sad now. I just realized I need to cut 500 calories out of my diet. Please make my husband stop buying ice cream and m&ms and chips and fig newtons and………

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