Giving Myself Grace and Baby Kinsey Hope

My sister, Andrea, and her family came to visit us the week before we moved to Salt Lake City. Kinsey was 7 weeks old, and before they left, we did a mini-photo shoot at the park across the street. Andrea is a really great photographer, and I think it is because she takes so many pictures of her own children that she knows exactly what kind of moments you would want captured on camera. She sent me the photo cd, and I got it in the mail today (she is not a slacker–she sent me a bunch via email, and we both have been extremely busy), and it came in perfect timing. Kinsey had her 4 month shots yesterday, and was really cranky and upset all day today…I didn’t think to check her temperature until 5:30pm, and then started crying realizing that I am still a rookie mother, and had messed today up pretty badly. My biggest rule/challenge about being a Stay at Home Mom is to give myself grace, a lot of it, and tonight, after Kinsey had a cold bath and nursed for over an hour, I just wanted to sit and wallow. But the mail came, and this cd was in it, and as I flipped through the pictures, I realized how far I have come.

Thank you Sister. This means so much.



  1. Robin Opal says:

    It happens daily! You are an amazing mother already for admitting your faults. Love ya! xoxo

  2. You are very welcome. You are a great “mama”-things only get easier. It happens to all of us, truly, it does. Hope my niece is feeling better today 🙂

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