Let Me Introduce You to David

We got these books called “Oh David” from my sister-in-law (Hi Rose!). She is a school teacher, so she bought us tons of amazing books for Kinsey. She got us this small series by David Shannon, featuring a boy named David. He looks pretty dirty, and if there was a real-life boy that looked like this boy, we would probably tell Kinsey to stay away from him.

Conversation from last night with my husband about David:

Me: Did you read to Kinsey?

B: Yes. We read a bunch of books…also, the David ones…I didn’t like it.

Me: Why? Are they dumb?

B: Well. The kid shits himself like all the time.

Me: (Laughing) Stop. He does not.

B: Yes. Literally shits himself. It is inappropriate for children.

Me: Show me. I don’t believe you.

Flip through one of the David books, and see one that indicates a stinky diaper, but doesn’t look like that big of a deal).

B: Well, theres that one. But, thats not the worst of it.

Flip through the other book and see this:

B: Look it! He’s just sitting in a big pile of shit! He’s disgusting! I don’t know why this would be in a children’s book. Its gross.

This morning. We started talking about David again.

B: The kid just looks gross.

Me: He does look really dirty.

B: Its inappropriate.

I don’t know if Bryant will ever get over this.


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