Introducing: The Marriage Series

This week, I will be running a blog series on Marriage. I will be hosting a few of my favorite people, all with different stories/perspectives, and we will get to talk about the ins and outs of marriage all week long. I am really excited about it, mostly because my guest bloggers are all super awesome. I want to encourage all of my readers to contribute to the conversation in the comments, and because I have invited these fun people as guests, I want to ask that you all be open-minded and respectful, and CONVERSE, because that is what this is all about. Stories: we all have them, and they are all beautifully written.

A little bit about the bloggers:


Relationship Status: Married, 11 years

The Facts: 30-something, blogger over atย PrudyChick.comย . One inspirational, and deeply moving chica…seriously. She writes with a vulnerability that brings me to tears. Also, she’s got super sweet fashion style, and is all artsy and fantastic. We met via Twitter, and though I’ve never met the girl in real life, I love her like we’ve been friends for YEARS. Heart friend to the core.


Relationship Status: Divorced. Single.

The Facts: 30-something, Co-owner of Method Apps. Designer. Photographer. Music Lover. Fantastic Writer (I’m saying this, not him). Punctuation Stickler. Traveler…you can always find him on a jetplane. He actually went to high school with my sister, and now, years later, we are friends. We keep in touch via Twitter, but he lived with us for a week when he visited NYC last Fall, and I’m sad to say that he knew more about the city than we did. Yikes.


Relationship Status: Committed Relationship/ No plans to get hitched…ever.

The Facts: 20-something, working on her PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences. Works as a research assistant at the University of Texas, the topic: Marriage. Vegetarian. Music Lover. Runner. Awesome Cook. One of My Favorite Hippies. We met in high school, and used to have sleep overs pretty regularly, but we called them ‘Pow Wows’. They involved lots of food and movies and typical teenage gossip. She also went to middle school with my husband, how’s that for history?!


Relationship Status: Married, 3 years

The Facts: 20-something, blogger over at The Paleo Newbie. Her husband is a Cancer survivor. They met online via blogging. Regular Comedian. Proud Dog Owner. We

met on Twitter. Then, took our friendship to the next level and hung out in real life. Then, I moved and ruined everything. Will be in my life, for life.


Relationship Status: Married, 3 years

The Facts: 20-something, recently graduated with her Masters in Community Counseling. Her and her husband are like the counseling dream team. Fashion guru. Your go-to for the what’s what in Indie music. Gay rights activist. Coffee lover. Hysterically whitty. We met when we were 16 years old. We laugh about how dumb we were when we were 16 years old. We also did a play together called “The Pastor’s Daughter,” written and directed by Rob Stennett. We were the heathens. Yep.



  1. Excited!!

  2. Where is the longtime married perspective-31 years?

  3. I am almost at the 7 year mark-thanks for thinking about me?! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. […] I get to hang over at Katie’s sharing a bit of our marriage story.ย  She’s doing a series all week so I encourage you to check the rest of her peeps […]

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