P90X Day 2

Did you know that Plyometrics is basically the closest you’ll get to labor-like intensity/pain? No, I am serious. I mean, its not as bad obviously, because you can stop or slow down, but if you are a slightly depressed person, I don’t recommend it. Its definitely not for you if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is my least favorite.

So, yesterday, I started Day 1. It was the Chest/Back and the Ab Ripper X. I woke up this morning, after a stressful dream about snakes straggling my limbs, in a lot of pain. I had trouble lifting myself up out of my bed. The plus side: it means I actually have some ab muscles. They are sore and tired, but they are there! WIN!

What I liked: When the crazy P90x guy (I don’t want to remember his name) said “Don’t say can’t. Instead say, I currently struggle with____, and then overtime, you will get better and better.” Ok, he said something sort of like that, but I liked his spin on something that we consider hard/impossible. You put in a little bit of effort, and then do a little more, and a little more, and overtime, it is not as hard. Chest/Back is like a gazillion and one push-ups all acrobatic style. Diamond ones and Wide-fly ones are my “I currently struggle with.”

Today: Plyometrics. Ouch. I was breathing heavy, felt like collapsing, was relieved when it was over. I had to do a lot of modified moves because of my knees, but ultimately, I know I will be feeling it tomorrow.

You never regret working out. It sucks while you are doing it, but once its over, you are always happy. Now, I have to go mother. I’m sure it would be easier to do p90x if my baby knew how to change her own diaper.



  1. I’m going through P90X for my second time. After I had completed last year, I managed to fracture my hip freeride mountain biking. Needless to say, I don’t freeride anymore and I’m back on P90x. I hope to get the same results as the last time (lost 30 pounds and 7 inches). It hurts at first, but does wonders in the end. I plan on mixing in Insanity once I get to the halfway mark. You can do it!

    • Oh my gosh. That is intense. I attempted P90X 2 years ago with my husband. We did it for 4 weeks, and then ended up moving across the country and basically bailed so we could drink beers and give proper goodbye to our friends. Then…I got pregnant. I am hoping I stick with it. Its definitely challenging, but I remember from last time the first week being the worst. Eventually, you make progress and notice that you are getting stronger–so we shall see!

  2. First…LMAO! Yeah the muscles are seriously are in for a wake up call…and Tony is a nut.

    You are funny “I woke up this morning, after a stressful dream about snakes straggling my limbs, in a lot of pain. “

  3. Nice job… I second the idea of the recovery drink. I tried several and like the P90X one the best… My second favorite was plain old chocolate milk… Nature’s perfect recovery drink.
    Seriously, there are scientific studies that I found. And both seemed to help with muscle soreness. Great for the weight lifting days but I just couldnt drink the chocolate milk after the cardio sessions… I was probably just too hot or something.

    • I hadn’t even considered a recovery drink. I’m breast feeding, so I’m not following the nutrition plan exactly. Definitely doing P90X for the workouts more so than the weight loss side of things. I have to maintain a higher calorie diet for now…anyway! Im going with gatorade. I don’t eat a lot of dairy, so we’ll see how that works for me in the meantime. I’m LOVING this P90X support! Super helpful!

      • You probably want some protein in your recovery drink… G3 is Gatorade’s version of a recovery drink… Keep having fun!!

        By the way, my wife breast fed while doing P90X. You supposedly burn like 400 calories or something crazy every time you breast feed…so yeah, you do need extra calories.

      • That is what I bought! I didn’t realize the difference, so it was completely by accident.

        Good to know that your wife managed both. I am always afraid that I’ll have supply issues as a result, but hopefully by watching my nutrition I’ll be ok.

      • Crystal had no problem with supply. We ended up throwing out a lot that she had pumped and frozen. now with kid number 2, we had a problem with biting so he got mostly formula…he is three and is still way wilder than my daughter.

  4. LOVE P90X. Did it for six months 🙂 STICK WITH IT. Don’t give up. You may even come to love Tony’s quirkiness too 🙂

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