I Am the Anti-Scheduled Scheduled

My weeks sometimes feel the same. Ok, my days feel the same. I am on repeat; a constant loop cycle. I am the anti-scheduled scheduled person.

I remember saying that I did not want to schedule my baby. That is still true. I also remember saying that I planned to just “go with it”…that is sorta true. As it turns out, I have to schedule myself around Kinsey’s non-schedule, or else I totally lose it. In the last three weeks, this has become even more intense, as I’m developing a cleaning schedule, and becoming intentional about meal planning every weekend for the following week. I realized, school will be starting, and I’ll probably have to then schedule my time with that too. I am looking for tips/tricks in this department. I’m only a 5 1/2 month seasoned mother, which means, I have A LOT to learn. I try to stay flexible with Kinsey, because somedays, we like to go to the park in the mornings, and that means that she may not take her morning nap until 11 or 12 depending on how late she slept in. She may decide to take a longer afternoon nap around 2 or 3, and go to bed closer to 7 than 7:30. I don’t expect her to be predictable. I don’t want to force her to sleep or eat just because it is easier for me. I’ve caught myself trying to do this to her, and then wonder why my baby is so unhappy. I recognize that some babies naturally fall into a predictable routine…my baby is not one of those. We go a couple weeks of amazing 10-12 hour sleep stretches, and then suddenly we have a couple weeks of frequent night wakings for no real apparent reason. We have weeks where Kinsey goes to bed at 7pm on the dot, and then weeks where she takes an evening nap and stays up until 8.

But, no matter what she is doing, I have realized that I am not good at getting things done if I don’t stick to my own schedule. If I don’t plan our meals every weekend, our week’s are full of frequent shopping trips, and I find myself squirming because I have no idea what I’m making for dinner or what we even have in our refrigerator. This is starting to become true for cleaning as well. I feel bad making Bryant help me clean on the weekends, when I am home all week and available to do it. But, I am overwhelmed. I need a system. You Mama’s got one? I want to hear about it. I want something cute that I can hand on my fridge or my pin board. Something that works and isn’t too overwhelming.

If I don’t workout during Kinsey’s morning nap, I will not do it. First thing in the morning, I spend time with Kinsey, and it is during that first nap that I take time for myself. I do my workout, I take a shower, and I make my lunch. I then spend the afternoon nap doing my cleaning and/or dinner preparing. If it’s a crockpot meal, I get it going…if it’s something I can pre-make and put in the oven later, I do it.

Homemaking is like…well, its kind of hard. I feel like I’m constantly fighting the urge to be lazy.

So, how do you Mama’s do it? How do you get things done? What does your week look like? Tell me about it. I want to know.



  1. it’s just hard to get it all done. since i’m studying for my boards, and i work from home, its insane. if i dont use a schedule, it just disintegrates! here’s how i make it work. I work out every day except Saturday and Sunday from 5-6pm.

    Sunday: I meal plan and grocery shop for meat, staples, fish.
    Monday: Cleaning day for the majority of the day, and all laundry done.
    Tuesday: i primarily work this day (emails, clients, etc), and date night (no cooking)
    Wednesday: Babies in the library, lunch with friends (no work), and studying
    Thursday: farmer’s market, work this day and study, all errands done this day
    Friday: lunch with friends, hubby off work early
    Weekends: time off! relax.
    i also just tweeted you the cleaning schedule i use! :0)

    • I love that cleaning schedule! I am going to try it. This helps me. I think I need to nail out my study/personal time and work it into my current “schedule.” Thanks for the template!

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