Come Alive by Elora Ramirez (A Book Review)

I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of Elora Ramirez’s book, “Come Alive.” This review has been hard for me to write–but not for the reasons that you would think. The story “Come Alive” was one that changed me a little, because stories like this do not get told very often. Stories like this are not normally discussed, or openly shared over a cup of coffee. No, stories like this are usually hidden. They are usually tucked away in the darkest of places, and even on the rare occasion when we do get to hear them, we respond with shock, and often ask ourselves “could something like that really happen?” While the story is fiction, I believe that there are some dark truths beneath its’ pages. And while I’d hope that if this was happening in my own backyard, I would have the courage to do something about it, I wonder if I would be able to recognize the subtle cries for help.

Stephanie is a 17 year old girl who’s story is filled with brokenness and despair. Her family, the ones who are supposed to love her unconditionally, abuse her innocence almost daily (both physically, and emotionally). Her mother, an alcoholic, and her Dad, a master manipulator and physical abuser. Her father also runs a human trafficking ring in her local community, meaning Stephanie has been forced into prostitution as a way for her father to earn a living. And, when it seems that informing the police is the easiest answer for salvation, it turns out that the authorities are involved as well. But the beauty of this story is that Stephanie sort of believes in the message of hope, she just doesn’t believe that it is meant for her. She holds on to the hope that her younger brother, Pacey, will be protected from the scarring that she has already endured. The details of the personal hell that Stephanie survives on a daily basis continues to become more heartbreaking with every turned page. But, as her situation gets even more destructive, the promise of a rescue becomes even more resounding. People in her life fight to save her, and though she can not understand how they could possibly love her when her own family does not, she starts to understand the power of having hope for herself. This story is about a girl struggling to find freedom.

This story was difficult for me to get through. I’d often have to stop and wipe my tears, and I kept saying “No way could something like this happen.” But, the truth is, these sort of things do happen, and this story reminded me that just as I am called to love people, I am also moved to not overlook them. We can easily offer messages of hope without taking the time to listen. Sometimes, we are supposed to be the hope for others. We are supposed to be the rescue that they so desperately have been waiting for.

“Come Alive” will officially be released September 18th. You can purchase it here.

You can also get to know Elora over at her blog, Love Wins.



  1. I cried through so much of the book. How could you not? It left me so shaken.

  2. i can’t tell you how much this meant to me – for you to read my words and share your thoughts. grateful for you.

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