When the Naptime Taunts Me

Listen, I love the baby’s naptime just as much as the next Mom, but damnit do I get angry when it acts like it is going to be a glorious one and then runs for cover 15 minutes later. It is the expectations that naptime sets and then quickly dismisses…its the freedom that those precious hours deliver; the refreshing breath of air that they so graciously grant you; the sweet sound of peace and quiet. Naptime is being a bitch to me today. I don’t know if  its that I haven’t shown it the correct amount of appreciation? If, maybe, it is just in the mood to be a tease? Either way, its sucking the life out of me, quite literally. 3pm hit, and there was no napping, just lots of almost naps, with 10 or so minutes of quiet followed quickly by screams, literal shrieks, as if I didn’t know how loud my child can project that sweet little voice of hers. I went and bought a cookie. That is a lie. I bought 4 cookies, anticipating that the day would be long and the night would be unmanageable without the taste of delicious sugary dough.

So, I ask you this naptime…why be such an asshole? Why? Why give me days filled with your goodness and then snake me? And why, why are you the single most important component? Why must I hang my days’ successes and failures on your minute strings? You suck, naptime.



  1. I really, really should not be laughing. I have a wee one that only naps on my lap. Where do I get off laughing???! 🙂

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