Children’s Songs I Don’t Understand

I did not think through my song choices very well with Kinsey, and as a result, I am stuck singing “Day-O” about 3x per day on average. I introduced a David Crowder Song at bedtime, and that one works only at bedtime. Then, a couple weeks ago, Bryant and I started singing “Down by the Bay” in the car as we were driving across town, and our multi-part “repeat after me” rendition seemed to work quite nicely. However, now there are only two songs that will postpone a carseat freakout, and both of them do not make any sense. So let’s just talk about this horrible children’s songs for a minute.


Why can they only pick the bananas at night? Who is the tally man? How can he tally the bananas if its night time? How do they see? I do not understand.

Down by the Bay:

Explain to me why this mother is so horrible? Is she psychotic? Is that why she tells her kid crazy things if they come back home? What kind of mother tells her kids that they can’t come home? And, I hardly think that a child returning home is so outrageous that we have to compare it to a bear combing his hair, or a moose kissing a goose. Am I right?!

Additionally, sometimes, in the evenings, I put on Raffi to entertain Kinsey while I’m cooking dinner. For some reason, she is happy listening to him sing all of the songs. I am partial to Banana Phone, because its pretty catchy. But, when we first started this music in the evenings routine, the song “Joshua Giraffe” came on, and I could not believe my ears. A song, about a giraffe, who’s mother, again, is terrible. Joshua has lived in the zoo for two years, and he hasn’t had a bathe. The song says it is because his mother will not lick him. And then, it talks about how sad he is that he is stuck in a zoo, and he escapes to the Congo at some point, and then gets trapped again…I don’t really know, but this song is forbidden in our household now. It reflects poorly on Joshua’s mother for one, and two, I don’t want Kinsey to be asking me about jail breaking animals every time we go to the zoo.

I believe there is a market for better children’s songs. But, that’s just my opinion.


I am not a stereotype.

Sometimes, I feel like blogging about something other than being a Mom. My good friend Josh did a post a few weeks ago, “I am a Republican, but…”. He expected more of a reaction, but got a lot of “yeah, me too.” His post made me realize, that I may not be as alone as I thought. In the last few weeks, where I used to remove myself from the political banter (not ignoring the issues, just keeping my opinions to myself), I am finding myself a bit more outspoken. Politics was something that I just did not want to discuss, because, I have always felt that in my generation, I am the few, not the many. I don’t sit firmly on the left side. I didn’t vote for Obama (or McCain, who would have gotten my vote, because I was disenfranchised by the state of Washington, but that is another story entirely). But, just because I would call myself a Republican, doesn’t mean that I agree with ALL of the GOP’s policies.

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Some Tips on Baby Raising

I am only 6 1/2 months into this, and am not even close to knowing the “best way” on how to do anything. But, in an effort to A) Record what I did with the first baby so that I’m not a total basket case for baby #2, and B) As a way to share my trial and error with anyone who cares to know, I’m going to share a few things that have helped me in the last 6 months.

Tip 1:

At about 6 weeks, I started working on putting Kinsey down for naps. I think I started a little late, because at this point, I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t let her stay awake until she falls asleep. Next time around, I’d like to start at 4 weeks. While a schedule at this time isn’t achievable, putting Kinsey down for a nap after she’d had some awake time helped me evolve this “loose” schedule, into a real schedule.

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