30 Days of Thankful: Day 7

031: Kinsey’s laughter. This afternoon I kept saying “I’ll hug you” as I squeezed her tight, and she belly laughed. I wanted to take the moment and bottle it.

032: How much our building loves dogs. They are expanding our dog run outside about 3x the size that it was. I took the dogs out there this afternoon, and Franny ran around like a crazy in the ‘in progress’ dirt. I dislike moving, and while a house is always a “yeah we should, that would be nice” kind of idea, once I think about packing up again, I am hesitant. The dog run makes me feel like we can stay a little longer.

033: Heart friends. I watched my dear friend Beth’s little boy Lucas for an hour this morning. It didn’t feel weird or obligating. He was comfortable, and so was I, and when she came back, we all just hung out together for awhile. It felt normal, like, we’ve been hanging out this way for years. I am grateful to have found a heart friend in her.

034: Hilarious YouTube videos. This one in particular: 

035: The delicious artichoke & sausage pesto pasta that I am making for dinner. I want it in my mouth.




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