30 Days of Thankful: Day 8

I am in the honeymoon baby stage right now. Everything is wonderfully perfect and relatively easy. Kinsey slept a glorious 13 hours last night, and we started our day at 9am. She took a lovely nap and has been smiley and adorable. Even when she has (what I think is) a teething fever, she is still so lovable. My heart skips a beat when I pick her up out of her crib in the mornings. My life feels so purposeful with her in it. Day 8 of thankful is really a celebration of motherhood right now. At the moment, it is a joy, and an incredible blessing. 031-040…I am thankful for my daughter. I am blessed by her and feel blessed to be her Mama. I am thankful that I have a baby who loves to sleep, because let’s face it, I am CRAZY without it. And, I am really blessed by our “just us” time. I’d love to have another, but I want to enjoy just her for awhile.



  1. Can I just say, you make me want to be a better momma once our day arrives.

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