30 Days of Thankful: Days 10 & 11

I was busy yesterday which means that I was productive–and when you are a graduate student plus full time mommy, productivity is ALWAYS a blessing. So, while I skipped a post, it did not lend an ungrateful attitude. The contrary actually, because how wonderful to be so caught up in life that you forget to sit and take a time out from it. It is nice sometimes–to just live.

046: The snow. It has been snowing for 3 days straight, and I am in love with it.

047: A very, very, close to completion term paper for one of my graduate classes.

048: A grocery trip that I took the week before last, that has given us night after night of meals, and still does not require me to make another grocery trip until Thursday or Friday. That is a blessing, both of time and of money.

049: My partner and husband, who doesn’t mind making up for the lack of mid-week diaper changes on the weekends. I like that I can sit back and relax a bit more when he is around to double team it with me.

050: Our Saturday night movie. Wes Anderson’s Moonshine Kingdom was absolutely perfect. We watched the snow fall and cozied up, and I admit, it has been awhile since I have stayed awake past 9pm.

051: An almost complete Christmas shopping list. Yep. I have done really well this year, and have very little left to do.

052: My Sunday spent ‘mostly’ in my sweatpants. I made a trip to Starbucks this morning to do one last power writing session on my term paper, but came home when the snow started dumping again, and got comfy immediately.

053: The fact that with our heat and air conditioning off, our apartment stays warm at a comfortable 76-78 degrees. We may not have to run our heat all winter because our building keeps the heat on. Pretty amazing.

054: The Broncos defeating the Panthers. They are kicking some serious butt this season and I am loving it!

055: 1 week 1/2 until Thanksgiving. I am thankful for that. Long weekend for my husband, and my parents & brother will be here. Pretty perfect.




  1. I miss snow. 😦

    I’m thankful that Bryant helps with Kinsey, that he wants to. I’ve known guys who felt put out whenever their wives would ask them to watch the baby so she & her girlfriends could run to Target childless, or change a diaper. It always encourages me when husbands take those parts in their child’s life.

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