30 Days of Thankful: Day 16 Where I Talk About Baby Vomit

I had a lot of worked up anxiety about my children vomiting. I don’t do well with throw-up, not for myself, and definitely not when others gag up their insides in front of me. I remember a time in high school, when I lied to my parents (I know), and brought my incredibly drunk friend home so that her mom wouldn’t find out how incredibly wasted she was. This was a terrible plan, but she ended up vomiting all over my comforter. To which I then freaked out, almost threw up myself (I was not drinking FYI, it was just really gross), and then we both got in trouble of course, because the girl had alcohol poisoning and her parents had to come pick her up…basically it was epically terrible. The point is, the throw up was so gross that I almost threw up too. So I have applied this situation to other throw up situations, and assumed that I would be weak when it came to my own children.

Last night, Kinsey threw up all over me. Not spit up, I mean actual projectile vomit…twice actually. I’m pretty sure that I caused it. I gave her ibuprofen for her teeth, and I think it made her gag, and then I sat her up too quickly, and then was holding her and she was gagging still, which then caused her to throw up all of her insides. I didn’t realize it was my fault until this morning when I mentally went through the events again, because she didn’t throw up again, and was pretty happy afterwards, and didn’t have a fever, and ate fine this morning, and has been her normal happy self all day. So yeah, I think I caused it. But, I did not throw up. I had a pretty large amount of baby vomit all over me (let me remind you that Kinsey is eating solids, so this was nothing like spit up), and I yelled “HONEY!!!” and Bryant came in to find me holding our daughter ,who was also covered in vomit. He just stared at us, in shock probably, and we dumped her in the tub, and I did not gag once. So, I am really happy about this. Not happy that she vomited because it was so sad and terrifying, but happy that I am completely tolerant when it is my own children. I feel incredibly guilty that I was the cause of this horrible event, but I’m choosing to just let it go. It will probably not be the last time that something like this happens. I can only hope, it does not happen again for awhile.

That said 071: I am thankful that Kinsey is healthy and is showing no signs of being actually sick.

072: I am also thankful that my gag reflex is a total warrior when it comes to my own children. Way to go champ.

073: My friend Mari Pat called me this morning and asked if she could bring me coffee and come hang for a bit. It was unexpected and so sweet. I absolutely loved catching up, and it made my heart feel warm and fuzzy.

074: MP’s visit made my morning fly by, and its already 2:30. I am thankful for that, because this week has been long, and I just want my weekend with my husband.

075: My relatively clean apartment. My family will be here next week and I usually have anxiety about cleaning my baseboards or something ridiculous, but it seems my OCD has been in high-gear lately, making my apartment clean at a constant. Go me!


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