30 Days of Thankful: Day 19 Where I Talk About a First World Problem

Embarrassing Admission: I was doing something silly through Day 18 of Thankful. I’d have to click back to my blog to see the previous post so I could remember what day I was on…because I am stupid and didn’t think to just look at today’s date. You are welcome.


Apparently, our utility bills are going to be basically nothing through the winter. Bryant and I have been DYING of heat. I do not know why this always happens to us, but we are always in a situation where it is ridiculously hot all the freaking time. This usually happens in the summer. We rent houses without air conditioners accidentally, or live in Jersey City in an old brownstone that does not have A/C, then decide it is a good time for me to be pregnant with my hormones all raging, causing hot flashes when it is 110 degrees outside. No bueno. Well, it seems, our building manager decided to shut off the air conditioning. Each unit has their own A/C, but the compressors on the roof apparently can get over-worked, so once the snow hit, they turned it off. They did not tell us. And, the building must be incredibly insulated because it is like 79 degrees in our apartment at a constant even when it is 30 degrees outside. I always feel like I am uncomfortably warm and sweaty (gross, I know), but we were absolutely miserable this weekend. We swore our thermostat was just broken. So, I talked to our maintenance guy this morning, and he explained the situation, and told me that he’d like me to try to just run the fan and keep the windows open. He said he would turn it back on if it was “really necessary” but he made me feel silly for complaining, so of course I won’t ask him to turn it back on. Who runs their A/C in the middle of winter?!?! EXCEPT OUR BUILDING IS RIDICULOUSLY HOT!

So, anyway, I am trying really hard to look on the bright side of this. Here is what I have:

-I will probably lose weight because I will sweat a lot, losing water weight, and will also eat less, because no one likes to eat when their internal body temperature is over 102 degrees.

-Our utility bill will be really low, because we will never have to turn the heat on (or the A/C, since that option has been taken from us).

-I will declare every single day, as a no pants day. Krongard house is a pants free zone. This is an opportunity and also a warning for visitors.

Oh right, this is a 30 Thanks post…

086: I am thankful for a cozy and very, very, warm apartment.

087: I am thankful for low utility bills.

088: I am thankful for windows. I think some people don’t have them–probably. Or, have them, but can’t open them, in fear that they will be shot or something. I don’t even know.

089: I am thankful that I purchased a bathing suit. It will probably be used often this winter, for basic activities, like cleaning and cooking.

090: I am also thankful that we do not have the opposite problem, because I have a baby, and it is better for her to be warm than cold. Right?! RIGHT!



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