Target Rehab

Bryant and I are attempting to refine our budget. When I say “Bryant and I,” I mean that we discussed it together, but it is me who needs to do the refining. Target is an evil temptress, and I am making it my mission to avoid that place at all costs.

I walk in, and immediately forget why I was there. I have a list, but as I browse, it is as if I forget that the list exists. I don’t really know how this happens, but suddenly, I am captivated by throw pillows and nail polish. That store defeats me every.single.time.

It is about .25 miles from my house. There is a Starbucks located inside the Target. I have woken up and thought “I think I’ll go get coffee at Target today.”

I mostly buy useful things from there, but it is not uncommon for me to leave with 1 or 2 things that were not necessary. I also have the Target debit card, which means I can justify any purchase because EVERYTHING IS ON SALE.

Kinsey feels comfortable there…which makes sense, because we go there a lot.

I have the ShopKick app on my phone so I earn kicks just for walking into the store. Today, I got an alert that said “earn 300 kicks for walking into Target, ends today!” And, briefly, I was like “Huh. How can I make this work?!”

<Mental bitch slap>

Target has made it very difficult for me to avoid them. But, I am doing it. Because, if I put it into perspective, Target is why we will not go to Hawaii this year.

So, this month, I am trying to just not go to Target unaccompanied, unless absolutely necessary. I am at the point in my Target recovery that I can recognize my lack of self control the moment I drive into their parking lot. I got an email telling me that Nate Berkus just did an exclusive Target line, and my heart pitter-pattered, but you know what, I will not let myself go and look at it.

I know I sound ridiculous, but I also know, that I am not alone. And that is the problem, Target is wonderful, but unfortunately, I will have to punish them for it by boycotting.

Maybe in 2013, Target and I can come to some sort of agreement. Until then, I’ll be here, in my apartment, staring down 300 w, looking into its eyes longingly.



  1. sweatescape says:

    haha I can’t help but laugh. Target is the best but it sucks you in and you end up leaving with a bunch of other things you never needed. I do the exact same thing.

  2. just so you know, walking into target accompanied by me will not help your boycott. i’m helpless to her seduction as well.

  3. so.. um.. i totally d/led the shopkick app after reading this and I HAVE BEEN ADDICTED TO IT FOR THE PAST WEEK. IT”S HORRIBLE!!!! and awesome at the same time! but really, it’s horrible! aaaahhhh!!!! 🙂

    • Oh no…look what I’ve done. But you can earn kicks & get giftcards for walking into stores!!! Think of how much money we could have been saving had we known about Shopkick sooner!! Terrible.

      • i know. i kicked myself like 10 times because I read your blog post and installed the app literally A DAY AFTER i had gone into target, bru, macys, and went TO THE MALL. ARGH. 😛


  1. […] actually, but my lip! And, as I walked the aisles of Target (I only bought the things on my list, Target Rehab is still in full swing. Ok fine, I did get a picture frame, but it was cute, and matched […]

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