Holiday Cheer-Spirit and Baby’s First Christmas

Birthing babies creates a Christmas joy that is significantly more intense than years prior when no babies were present. Well, ok, the actual birthing of the baby does not create the Christmas joy, that was poorly worded, as birthing is like dying several times over. But, baby’s first Christmas is something so special and sacred, I am willing to beat anyone who tries to ruin it.

I have always loved Christmas, but having little Kinsey around has made this holiday even more spectacular. I play She&Him Christmas, and the new Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas album almost all day long. I made cookies yesterday, and have about 4 dozen more to make, because I am crazy. I want to give little cookie boxes to Bryant’s co-workers and a few of our neighbors (the ones that we like), and not to be mean, but I usually have no interest in baking, let alone for other people.

I whipped up my Spritz recipe yesterday, and was all pumped up and ready to cookie press the shit out of them, and I pressed about 7 cookies when suddenly the plastic ring that holds the pretty little cutter design split the f* in half. I do not even understand how this happened, but it just made this awful “criiicckkkk” noise, and then cookie press was suddenly out of commission. I shoved dough down my throat and yelled “this is why I do not bake!” But, whatever, I rolled those suckers into balls and pressed them with a fork, and I don’t even care because they are delicious.

I melted white chocolate yesterday to dip my sugar cookies in, and somehow ended up getting to the point past melting and instead it turned into some sort of flakey burning mixture of yuck, and so I yelled again, and then poured myself a glass of wine. But, I am determined to dip my sugar cookies in white chocolate so I can sprinkle the peppermint that I crushed up on top, and I don’t care if it takes me multiple tries, because IT IS KINSEY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS.

The kid can’t even have sugar, but, for some reason, it really matters to me. She’s already unwrapped the presents about 4x because she loves to speed crawl to the tree and throw the boxes everywhere and eat the paper, and I just let her do it, because it is like Christmas everyday watching her unwrap and then rewrapping it all over again.

I will not allow anyone to break my spirit. Not even cookie baking, which we all know makes me stabby.

What are you doing to celebrate Christmas with your family? Tell me about it.



  1. Lewis keeps trying to unwrap this one certain present, and I keep finding him halfway through and then I pull him off of it and sort of stick the tape back down. It is looking pretty crappy, and it’s still 2 weeks until Christmas. 🙂

  2. i’m happy i was there to experience you stuffing the [not]ruined cookie dough in your mouth. i love your baking antics.

  3. I love that you allow Kinsey to keep unwrapping her gifts. Seriously. There’s way to much to worry about and stressing over her not getting in the gifts shouldn’t be one of them.

    For Christmas we’re going to a Christmas Eve (in the middle of the afternoon) Service and then dinner & kids opening presents (not exchanging gifts amongst the Landis adults this year) at my in laws.

    Not getting together with my family this year. My parents and my brother & his wife and us all have stuff going on and weekends ones available another isn’t, and then January hits and I have only two weekends before I’m off to Moldova.

    Christmas day Shawn and I are usually just by ourselves. It’s kind of nice.

    • That sounds like the perfect Christmas. And you leave SO SOON! Wow.

      Yes, we try to keep her away from the ornaments and tree itself, but she bangs on the boxes and scrunches up the paper, and they have been repaired too many times to count. Its fun for her, and pretty cute.

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