Where I Save My Child’s Life…

I’m pretty sure I did. I’m almost certain had I not taken action, her natural gag reflexes would not have been forceful enough to clear her airway.

I have been nauseous for the last 4-5 days basically. Some stomach virus, I assume, because I am not with child, and I don’t normally have problems with nausea. This is important to my story because I felt really crappy all day long. I had already thrown up twice, and was struggling to eat anything really. So, at 5pm, I was feeding Kinsey her dinner, but mostly, I had just cut up things and watched her eat, when suddenly, a piece of pear lodged itself in her throat. Her face turned red, and she tried to cry but could not, which was how I knew that she wasn’t just gagging, she could not breathe. By the grace of God, I had not strapped Kinsey into her high chair like I usually do. For some reason, on this occasion, I had just slipped her into her chair, and slid the table tray in. So, I was able to quickly pull her up and throw her over my knee and perform the baby Heimlich. It took just one swat, and the piece of pear flew out, and then Kinsey threw up a little bit, but was breathing. The kid didn’t even cry. She just started climbing all over me as if nothing serious or life threatening had just happened. I thought I was fine, but suddenly, I felt like I was going to pass out. The adrenaline plus my fainting disorder, coupled with my stomach problems, was just too much. I put Kinsey down and ran to the bathroom to vomit. Then, spent the next half hour with serious shakes, holding onto Kinsey thinking about what would have happened had I not had my “Oh my gosh, I am a Mom, and I am home alone with this little baby all day, that I absolutely have to keep alive” moments when Kinsey was brought home from the hospital. You see, those moments of total panic were essential to Kinsey’s survival today, because in those moments I googled the worst case scenarios and prepared myself on how to handle them. How high is too high of a fever? How do I know if my baby has a concussion? And, today’s lesson, how do I perform the Heimlich maneuver on an infant? I had hoped that I would never have to use any of this information, but, thank Jesus (literally) that I cope with panic by loading myself with information. I walk myself through the worst possible/most horrifying situations, so that in case for some terrible reason, I am caught in the worst of worst, I will have prepared my plan of action.

I worried that if Kinsey was actually choking, that I would freeze. I did not freeze. I reacted, quickly. However, I did not recover well. I didn’t have some sort of happy “high” moment, of “BOOM! I JUST SAVED MY BABY!” Instead, I vomited, and then called my husband, and told him that the scariest possible thing that could ever happen had just happened. He said “good job”  and of course was proud of me, but because he wasn’t there, he couldn’t really grasp onto the fear and then recovery that I experienced. I felt sick…absolutely sick…

Kinsey will probably live out the rest of her toddler years sans pears. They are dangerous fruits, and as it turns out, a total death trap.

I saved my daughter’s life today.

I also puked a lot.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.


Let’s All Watch the Bachelor : Week 4

Let’s all watch the Bachelor, you guys!

“He took the Iraqi to the desert”-Selma.

The Bachelor starts with a one on one date. Sean chooses Selma. Sean takes her to the desert and she makes sure to let us know how disappointed she is. They are driving around Joshua Tree National Park, and Sean tells us that he plans to “test” Selma today. Poor, Selma. Selma is basically complaining the way that I would expect Olivia Palermo to complain if she was on this date. We find out that Sean and Selma are going to rock climb. Selma is hilariously girlie. Sean asked her what size of shoes she wears, and she says “6 inch heels.” I really love Selma. The girl rock climbs! Like a boss! I bet Sean is going to talk about how impressed he is with Selma. He just said it. After rock climbing, they go to a trailer park (literally), in the middle of nowhere, to have dinner. Selma reveals to Sean that she grew up in a very conservative family. She was raised Muslim, and she doesn’t feel comfortable showing physical affection on national television because of her strict upbringing.

Back at the mansion, the date card is read. Tierra talks about how she doesn’t want to go on another group date. Guess who is going on another group date?!! You guessed it, Tierra (great job with that editing ABC).

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Huevos Rancheros

There is a cute little cafe in Jersey City, New Jersey called Beechwood. It’s at the corner of Montgomery Street and Grove Street (in case you happen to be in the Greater New York City area). They have a delicious breakfast menu, and among the selections, the most mouth-watering and delightful Huevos Rancheros concoction. I used to walk down Montgomery Street to this little cafe, and order myself a latte, and read outside on their patio. After I had Kinsey, my appetite was fierce, and I’d often make a visit with my newborn baby in tow.

Since then, (it’s been almost a year since we moved), I’ve been craving some Huevos Rancheros. I couple of week’s ago, I caught an episode of Paula Deen’s Best Dishes on the Food Network, and her and Bobby were making…you guessed it! Huevos Rancheros. I made notes in my iPhone, and after my bout of stomach yuck on Saturday (which I am still unsure if it was food poisoning or norovirus), I decided to make it for brunch on Sunday.


It was yum. And, today, I bring you my recipe, adapted from Paula Deen’s Huevos Rancheros Recipe.




Red Onion


Garlic Salt (to taste)

Salsa (if you make it fresh)

Tomatoes (4)

Onion (1)

Jalapeno (2 chopped)

Garlic cloves (1-2)

Dash of Lime Juice

Chopped Cilantro

Salt and Pepper to Taste

(I like to add mango or pineapple sometimes too)

You can chop it all up in a chopper, or food processer. Whichever you prefer.


Season with a bit of salt and pepper

Spray a cookie sheet with some pam (I use the olive oil based)

Bake on 400 degrees for 5-10 minutes on each side (until crispy)


Layer your baked tortilla, guacamole, fried egg, top with salsa, sprinkle shredded cheese, pour over warm green chili sauce (we like Las Palmas brand, but any kind is fine), a drop of sour cream (if you want), and serve.

I recommend eating with a spoon, so you can scoop up all of the deliciousness. Perfect for brunch, or lunch, or dinner, or breakfast, or snacks. It’s tasty all the time.