Let’s All Watch the Bachelor: Final 3

Sean and the final three ladies (Catherine, AshLee, and Lindsay) are in Thailand this week. The episode begins with Sean talking about each of the girls, and how he can picture his life with all three of them (of course, you can). In this review, my favorite part is when Sean calls Lindsay crazy, then explains he thought she might lack maturity…go with your gut, Sean. Trust me on this one. (And, if I have to hear Lindsay say the word “adolescence” one more time, I might poke my own eye out).


First up, Lindsay has her date with Sean. I actually really like her outfit. They jump into a little motorcycle buggie, and a native Thai man drives them to a market. They share food on a stick, and Sean buys Lindsay a bunch of things (per usual). They come upon a booth that has a bunch of fried bugs. Lindsay looks like she might throw up after eating a bug, but then is somehow convinced to eat a grasshopper afterwards. They also eat chicken feet, and that is right about when Sean says that he is getting “closer to falling in love” with Lindsay. Yep. It was the chicken feet that did it, huh?! Weird. They then go and sit on the beach and talk about how great they are for each other. Lindsay says that she plans to tell Sean that she loves him, but doesn’t, then they feed some monkeys. Later that evening, Lindsay shows up to their date wearing, what looks like, a brassiere. I am not a fan of her stripper outfit. Lindsay is having trouble telling Sean that she loves him, and when she sort of creates the opportunity to say it, some dancers come out in full costume. Lindsay says yes to the fantasy suite, and that is where she awkwardly tells Sean that she loves him. Her face does something weird when she says it…I don’t even know.

Next, AshLee has her date with Sean. AshLee is so cute. AshLee is really vulnerable every time her and Sean spend time together, and I am sort of worried about her leaving this show completely broken. Her blindfold stunt was a bit weird, but really emotional for her, so the girl might just have some crazy hidden in there. They go on a boat ride up to a dark cave with really deep water, and Sean challenges AshLee to trust him. So, here we go with another trust game for AshLee. What is this anyway? Swim-style spelunking? This is a terrible idea. Poor, AshLee. Though, she takes this opportunity to compare this cave exploration to life. How profound. They make it through the cave and find a private beach on the other side. Later that night, they have dinner and they talk about how amazing they are. AshLee says yes to the fantasy suite, but first makes sure that Sean knows that she is a classy lady with morals. Anyone know what AshLee’s necklace says? Gypsy? I can’t tell.

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Our Little House on Park

We bought an adorable little house in downtown Salt Lake City. It is in an area that is walking distance to both Liberty Park and Whole Foods. I can stroll over to Trader Joes and pick up peanut butter cups whenever I want (dangerous)! Kinsey and I can go to the park regularly (once it isn’t below 30 degrees outside), and we can have Saturday morning breakfast at Pig and a Jelly Jar. 9th and 9th is a few short blocks away. We are going to be living around the best of the best, except the bestest (a non-word that I am going to use anyway) part is that we will have a yard. I never have to walk down a hall and two flights of stairs and back up again to take Franny and Zoey outside. I can say things like “I think I’ll spend the day in the garden today.” Though, I don’t have a garden yet, but I will build one! I don’t know how to keep plants alive either, but somehow, I’ve kept Franny alive, so I imagine that I will be able to grow some lettuce at the very least.

I was afraid to blog about it, because home buying is like one giant question mark. You picture yourself in a house long enough to put an offer on it, but then try not to get too attached after that because there are so many things that could go wrong. Surprisingly, this home buying process was 1000x better than when we purchased our home in Oregon. It was not drama free by any means, but I also wasn’t almost homeless this time around. WIN!

And so, on Thursday afternoon we will sign papers and become official owners of yet another home, except this one we will actually get to live in and enjoy. One of our first (of a few) projects will be building Kinsey’s loft bed/play-room downstairs for when she outgrows her crib. It is a finished basement, but has half walls that are carpeted, since it had to accommodate the bungalow style foundation. It will be pretty perfect for a little person, so I’ve been busy pinning loft beds and reading nooks like nobody’s business. I have to tell you: I am really excited to live in a house where we will have projects. Our Oregon house is beautifully perfect with its Ikea kitchen and fresh newness, and so we never had to do a single thing. This house, though it has been majorly re-done, still has some things. I daydreamed out loud to Bryant this weekend about how we won’t be sitting around the apartment anymore, but instead can be all “Let’s build something! I’m going to go pull some weeds! Shall we saw and hammer things today?”

I leave you with a few of the many loft beds that I’ve been gushing over for inspiration.

Fragmented Life Update

Normally, on Tuesdays, I post a “Let’s All Watch the Bachelor” post, but I am single parenting this week, and nothing is really business as usual. My wonderful husband (who is so wonderful, and helpful, and supportive, and this was really fun, but you can come back now!!!), is in New York this week for work, which leaves me, here, doing the 24 hours-7 days a week parent routine for the next 4 more days. The thing about it is, I am also a Mom to two chocolate labradors, so after just a day of this, I am already exhausted. I made a lot of plans this week with friends to help pass the time, and I am doing my very best to keep a smile on my face. That would be easier if Kinsey wasn’t a teething mess, but you know what, this is Mommyhood, so I will do it somehow.

I did watch the Bachelor, and I’m sort of happy I did not live blog that, because it was really boring in general other than Desiree’s hometown with her gangster brother. That guy was out of control, and I found myself guessing what his issues were rather than actually paying attention to all of the drama. Substance abuse? Prison time? He made me nervous. So, if you watched (or didn’t), Desiree went home proclaiming that Sean made the wrong choice. She will probably be the next Bachelorette, because America likes her, and we all feel bad that her brother ruined it for her. Who else is surprised that Lindsay is still there? What the trash, right?! That hot drunken mess somehow used her wedding dress charm on Sean, because he for some reason adores her. It is confusing. I’m pulling for Catherine, I think. AshLee is sweet, but she seems a little intense, and might have some emotional issues that make her just a little bit crazy. This might not be her time. Tonight is the “Sean Tells All” special, which they have never done before. I’m sort of excited to hear him talk about Tierra. Even after that girl is gone, we can’t get enough of her sparkle. Hopefully, I’ll be back to my regular live-blogging the Bachelor schedule, next week, after my life settles.

In non-Bachelor news, next week is Kinsey’s first birthday! I’m excited to share with you all the details of her party. I’ll save it for next week, but it is going to be adorable! And, my Mom is coming (assuming my sister does not go into labor. We are praying those twins stay put for 2 more weeks)!

That’s all for now. I’m still here, just busy trying to hold onto my sanity. Though, I could be 34 weeks pregnant with twins, and be chasing a 3 year old and almost 2 year old around…my sister always brings a bit of perspective 😉