Strawberry Fields

You know how mothers always tell cliche stories about how their kids got into their red nail polish, or somehow figured out how to unscrew the ketchup bottle? They walk in and are all “OMG! YOU ARE BLEEDING! WHERE IS ALL OF THIS BLOOD COMING FROM?!!!” And, whoever is the subject of said story will always give a light giggle, and mutter “I’ve heard that before!”

This happened to me today.

Kinsey was happily playing with her lego blocks, and I decided to start last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy while she played (Bad mom! Bad! Don’t tell on me, you guys). I didn’t hear anything so I assumed that everything was going swimmingly. I had my head turned towards the television while I cleaned the kitchen for what felt like only 3 minutes, when suddenly Kinsey made whimpering noises. I peaked around the corner and THE KID WAS COVERED IN BLOOD.

No, she wasn’t.

It was strawberries. She had stood up, and somehow Macgyver’d her way through my scotch tape trap that was holding the trash lid closed, dug her hand in, where I had a plastic container of strawberry stems and a few mushy strawberries that I decided belonged in the garbage. She pulled it out, all sneaky and quiet, and then started eating/mashing them all of herselfs. So, when I turned the corner, I about had a heart attack because it looked like she was bleeding from her lips.

She was also crying for some reason. I think probably because she ate a strawberry stem? Or a moldy strawberry? Who knows, but the scene was frightening.

I did not take a picture.

Probably just so I could tell you this super cliche story about how I thought my kid was bleeding to death, but she was not…it was just strawberries.

Now go ahead and giggle lightly and tell me how hilarious.



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