Serenity Now

I developed a parenting motto early on, that I call “Don’t F*** with the Sleep.” It is simple: you go through months of struggling to get sleep, and then once you achieve sleep, it really is not wise to mess it up. I was blessed with a child who has ridiculously long sleep stretches at night. I am talking 13 hours, sometimes 14, with essentially zero disturbances. We’ve had our rough weeks–oh boy, have we, but, we get through them and then things settle back into their glorious place.

So, 3ish weeks ago, Kinsey’s naps became less predictable. She’d take them or leave them, maybe have a long morning nap and then not take an afternoon nap at all, or, visa versa. I decided it was probably time for us to go to 1 nap, and even though she is still just under a year old, I didn’t want to mess with our lovely nights. “Don’t F*** with the Sleep,” I said. And so, we transitioned to just 1 nap, and while it was hard to get used to feeling like she was awake all the time (kids are awake, like ALL OF THE TIME, you guys), the hard part was that the single nap was only an hour, if that. It just didn’t make sense logically that she would go from 2 naps, that were about 90 minutes, to just 1 nap that was barely 60 minutes. This wouldn’t be that big of an issue if that short nap was enough to super charge her back into my darling and joyful bean. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough. I mean, I can barely make it through a 12 hour day, and I am not easily stimulated by the lid of Tupperware. My brain isn’t functioning at a mile a minute, and I am not talking to my hippo in baby gibberish while gnawing on Ā a cracker, and taking a poop at the same time. The kid needed the mid-day rest!

And so, in my tired state, while taking the longest shower of my life, because I had not shaved my legs in 2 weeks, and Bryant was finally home to chase Kinsey around the house, giving me the perfect opportunity to make myself feel like a woman again…(gross details, I know, but when your child is not taking naps, and your husband is busy working/traveling, your shower time is cut down to about 1/4 the length that you are used to, and that means shaving is just not possible), I had an intense self-talk.

“Don’t F*** with the Sleep” was just not going to work anymore.

7 pm to 8:30am sleep stretches were no longer conducive to our lifestyle.

Two truths that I had to accept.

I emerged from my shower with clean legs, a fresh face, and a game plan. We would have to keep Kinsey awake until 8pm that night, and it would be the longest night of our lives. And then, I would have to set a morning alarm for the first time since Kinsey was born, and wake her up, from her glorious sleep at 8am. 12 hours only.

I was stressed about all of this. And, to non-parents, this all sounds dramatic and not that big of a deal, but, I say to them, YOU DON’T HAVE BUT A CLUE WHAT PARENTHOOD IS LIKE!

I am happy to report that the change worked beautifully.

Kinsey napped for 2 hours the next day. Yesterday was Day 2, and she went right to sleep at 8pm, we woke her out of a dead sleep this morning at 8am, and she is now 90 minutes into her afternoon nap.


If I had to give any advice to a new mother, it would still be “Don’t F*** with the Sleep.” But, I suppose that now that Kinsey will be turning 1 in a few short weeks, I am no longer a new mother. Kinsey, is no longer vulnerable to tiny changes in schedule. She adapts to us, suddenly, rather than us for so many months, adapting to her.

We are grown. Seasoned. And, I may actually have the time to maintain my leg hair.




  1. I still cannot believe how long she slept from such a young age. Too crazy! Soak up all that sleep for me… šŸ™‚

  2. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! I too live by that motto, and don’t think we r anywhere near ready for the 1 nap transition yet. I’m terrified, actually! You give me hope šŸ™‚

    • Its not terrifying. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected. An adjustment, definitely. But, you’ll know when she is ready. I would have preferred to wait until she was 15 months ish before we dropped that 2nd nap, but, it was hit or miss for awhile, and trying to make it work just was not working!

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