Let’s All Watch the Bachelor: Week 7

Let’s All Watch the Bachelor, you guys!

Looks like we are in for a lot of drama! Here we go! Sean and the girls fly into St. Croix on a private plane. The Bachelor keeping those private airlines in business…

Tierra rolls the cot out of the closet, and creates her own private space so that she doesn’t have to share a room with one of the girls. A little obnoxious. Desiree reads the date card, and the  one-on-one date is for AshLee. Tierra has a look of disgust on her face, and then hums “the cougar is back in town,” like a bitch…AshLee is 32 years old, but that is not old by any means, so shut your mouth, Tierra.

Sean and AshLee swim out to a yacht. Ashley feels like she can connect with Sean and share things with him that she hasn’t been able to share with anyone. She seems really genuine and sweet.

Back on the beach, the girls are having a little gossip session to trash on Tierra.

Back on AshLee and Sean’s date, Sean asks AshLee the truth about Tierra. AshLee tells the truth and calls Tierra “pouty pants.” So funny. She isn’t over the top about it, or manipulative, she just gives it to him straight. It is a bit silly that he hasn’t realized how ridiculous the girl is yet, but the ABC producers take pleasure in the Bachelor or Bachelorette’s ignorance (re: Emily and Kalon).

Back at the hotel, Tierra gets the one-on-one date, and then she starts complaining that they are going to be exploring the city, instead of going on a boat. This bitch is hilarious.

Back at the beach, Sean and AshLee sit down for dinner. Sean asks AshLee if there is anything that they haven’t talked about, and apparently, AshLee has been keeping a secret. 15 years ago, when AshLee was 17, she got married and divorced. Gosh, AshLee, that was a lot of stress over nothing.

Moving on…Sean and Tierra meet up for their one-on-one date. Sean buys Tierra a bunch of things, and then they dance in the streets…

822x 822x-2

Oh, Tierra…you are just out of control. Unfortunately, Sean talks about what a great time he is having. Later that evening, Tierra comforts Sean about him acting distant. This is a bunch of emotional garbage, that I don’t really care about. This girl is drama.

Back at the house, Catherine, Desiree, and Lindsay find out that they are getting the group date.

Back on Sean’s date with crazy, Tierra tells Sean that she’s falling in love with him. It is weird.

The next morning, Sean walks into the girl’s room at 4:45am, and drives them to the other side of the island so they can watch the sunrise together. It may be more romantic if it were a one-on-one date. Desiree says this right after I type it, and I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…Desiree is really smart. They all road trip across to the other side of the island, and make stops along the way. It is a little bit awkward because Desiree and Sean seem to be spending the most time together. Catherine and Sean have quality time together, and the date in general goes pretty well. Sean gives the rose to Lindsay. Surprising, actually.

Lesley and Sean have a one-on-one date. They spend time picking fruit and talking. Lesley does not tell Sean that she is falling in love with him. The date is a little bit awkward as a whole. Lesley seems really nervous, and I think that probably won’t win her a rose this week.

Sean’s sister, Shay, comes to help Sean sort through his feelings. Shay talks about how she is concerned she will watch the show back and be yelling “Don’t pick that one!” and then he will pick that one. It is as if Shay has already heard about Tierra.

Back at the house, drama is about to happen. Tierra confronts AshLee, and tries to say that the girls have been sabotaging her. She yells things like “Men love me!” “Girls are jealous of me!” “I can’t control my eyebrow!” “My parents told me not to let the anyone take away my Sparkle!”

Right as Tierra is going bananas, Sean decides to go and grab Tierra so that she can meet Shay. Excellent timing, ABC. Tierra is crying on her cot as he walks in, and she just tells Sean that she has such a big heart, and this is all just so hard. Poor, Tierra. Competing for one guy is not what you thought it would be? Oh, honey…

Sean decides to take a minute outside by himself. Sean! Your sister is 100% correct. If a girl can not get along with other girls, she is bad news.

He comes back inside, and HE FINALLY TELLS TIERRA SHE NEEDS TO GO! I’m a little confused how she got her bags packed so fast, but good riddance.

I wonder how long Shay has been sitting by herself on the beach?

And her exit would not be complete without her yelling absurd things through tears, like “I hope those girls got what they wanted!!!”

Oh, Tierra, don’t let them take away your sparkle!

It is now time for the cocktail party. Except, not. Sean cancels the cocktail party, and says that he already knows what he is going to do. AshLee is nervous that Sean is upset with her, but that is just the other girls getting to her head. He said that he appreciated her honesty. Don’t worry about it AshLee.

Desiree gets a rose.

Catherine gets a rose.

and AshLee gets a rose.

Lesley is going home.

Clearly her awkwardness and decision to be reserved was not the right choice. And, to make this whole thing even weirder, Catherine is crying and saying that Lesley and Sean had more of a connection than she had with him. What?! Catherine! Girl! Don’t go crazy on us.

See you all next week for the hometown dates! Yay!

(Photo credits: Abc.com)


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