Let’s All Watch the Bachelor: Final 3

Sean and the final three ladies (Catherine, AshLee, and Lindsay) are in Thailand this week. The episode begins with Sean talking about each of the girls, and how he can picture his life with all three of them (of course, you can). In this review, my favorite part is when Sean calls Lindsay crazy, then explains he thought she might lack maturity…go with your gut, Sean. Trust me on this one. (And, if I have to hear Lindsay say the word “adolescence” one more time, I might poke my own eye out).


First up, Lindsay has her date with Sean. I actually really like her outfit. They jump into a little motorcycle buggie, and a native Thai man drives them to a market. They share food on a stick, and Sean buys Lindsay a bunch of things (per usual). They come upon a booth that has a bunch of fried bugs. Lindsay looks like she might throw up after eating a bug, but then is somehow convinced to eat a grasshopper afterwards. They also eat chicken feet, and that is right about when Sean says that he is getting “closer to falling in love” with Lindsay. Yep. It was the chicken feet that did it, huh?! Weird. They then go and sit on the beach and talk about how great they are for each other. Lindsay says that she plans to tell Sean that she loves him, but doesn’t, then they feed some monkeys. Later that evening, Lindsay shows up to their date wearing, what looks like, a brassiere. I am not a fan of her stripper outfit. Lindsay is having trouble telling Sean that she loves him, and when she sort of creates the opportunity to say it, some dancers come out in full costume. Lindsay says yes to the fantasy suite, and that is where she awkwardly tells Sean that she loves him. Her face does something weird when she says it…I don’t even know.

Next, AshLee has her date with Sean. AshLee is so cute. AshLee is really vulnerable every time her and Sean spend time together, and I am sort of worried about her leaving this show completely broken. Her blindfold stunt was a bit weird, but really emotional for her, so the girl might just have some crazy hidden in there. They go on a boat ride up to a dark cave with really deep water, and Sean challenges AshLee to trust him. So, here we go with another trust game for AshLee. What is this anyway? Swim-style spelunking? This is a terrible idea. Poor, AshLee. Though, she takes this opportunity to compare this cave exploration to life. How profound. They make it through the cave and find a private beach on the other side. Later that night, they have dinner and they talk about how amazing they are. AshLee says yes to the fantasy suite, but first makes sure that Sean knows that she is a classy lady with morals. Anyone know what AshLee’s necklace says? Gypsy? I can’t tell.

And lastly, we have Catherine. Oh, you guys, Catherine is my favorite. She is so fun! Catherine. GIRL! I think we are supposed to be friends. Sean is concerned that they don’t have the same goals, but, I’m pretty sure her sisters last week were just jealous and trying to mess things up. They get on a Thai-style pirate ship and go sail out into the ocean. Me: Catherine is my favorite. Husband: She seems to be the most normal (while staring at his iPhone, eating cookies n’ cream ice cream). They go snorkeling and they then get caught in a rain storm. Who feels like we should just end this show now? Anyone? Later that evening, they have dinner, Sean says that Catherine understands him more than anyone else. Catherine tells Sean she can see kids in their future, and I just like her. Catherine explains to Sean her feelings about the fantasy suite. She also wants to makes sure that Sean knows that she is a classy lady. Catherine is like a real person. She admits to Sean insecurities about her looks and personality, and how she feels really lucky, and then Sean says “I am the lucky one.” You guys, he better pick her.

Then, suddenly, there is a weird plug for Oz the Great and Powerful. Whatever, Franco.

Husband and I are laughing out loud at ABC’s editing that focuses on Sean’s abdominals, super awkwardly. Chris and Sean sit down to have a therapy session. This was the same week that Sean was sent home on Emily’s season. Sean is describing the girl who he is sending home as someone who is full of love. My guess is Ashley, which is really silly because LINDSAY IS A HOT MESS!

(We just saw a glimpse of the elimination, and Husband goes “WHOA! That’s an aggressive dress” about AshLee. Girl can’t catch a break).

Sean is staring at the pictures acting like he doesn’t know who he is sending home, but he just told us all that he did know. Silly. We watch video messages from each of the girls. Lindsay’s weird mouth thing when she talks makes it really hard for me to listen to her. She reminds us of the wedding dress…honey, no one forgot about that. Catherine is great, I’ll say it again. I really feel like she is the best choice. AshLee’s video doesn’t get the big smile that he gave on the other videos. I think I am right. AshLee is crying in her video and Sean is like about to kill himself. He’s totally sending AshLee home. What a bummer.

We are now watching dramatic clips of Sean contemplating…

and Rose Ceremony.

Husband: Maybe it will be the ultimate bomb shell and he’ll be like “Sister Wives.” No one would see it coming!

Sean gives a speech about how he knows how hard it is to go home because he’s been through it. That isn’t going to help, Sean. Lindsay drops an F bomb, and I am laughing so hard.

Then, Lindsay gets a rose. (BOO!)

AshLee is going to regret this dress…

Catherine gets a rose.

I knew it.

This is really intensely awkward. We might see the crazy side of Ashley. Ashley is not even crying, which is weird, because she has cried the whole season. This is really scary. This really would make me feel more comfortable if she at least had water in her eyes. Oh, there we go. Thank god. That was really scary.

Well, there you have it. Next week, Women Tell All. This is seriously the best part of the entire season. Tierra, her sparkle, and her eyebrow, will all be back and it will be so great.

See you next week!



  1. I was wondering the same thing about her necklace! What the heck did it say?! That’s all I was focusing on their whole date.

    And agree the OZ preview was completely out of left field.

    I was watching it with Jordan and our roommate Aaron. Both of them said, “Eliminate Ashlee, she’s the one that’s most likely to kill him in his sleep”. But then they were both fearful that if he did eliminate her, she would do just that. Tricky.

    I kind of like Lindsey tho, sorry. I like Catherine, but I don’t know. I just don’t really see them together.

    I’m actually doubtful of either of the ladies…

    • I love Catherine! She sort of reminds me of you, actually. (Is that weird?) I mean she’s more goofy, but I was like “Awww…she reminds me of Stacey” hence why I feel like I could be friends with her. Lindsay has a weird lisp issue, and I just feel like she acts like she is 18 years old. I think the editing of the show didn’t help her very much. They shouldn’t have portrayed her drunken self in the first episode. I bet I’d like her more had she not been such a mess in the beginning.

      I wish we could be watching this together.

      I think her necklace said gypsy. Or crazy, maybe…

    • Stacey were you talking about Ashley’s necklace on last nights episode, the black gems with the burgundy gems in the middle? Because I’d like to know where she got it! I love it!

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