Mama Fashions

I feel like I’ve been in a very dark fashion place for almost 2 years. Let me explain…

Pregnancy sort of ruined me. I lost my identity a little bit, and then was suddenly a Mom, who had to wear nursing functional clothing exclusively. I bought a lot of maxi dresses, and strapless jumpsuits for the summer, and it worked really well. But then, it got cold outside. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I feel like this entire winter, I wasn’t happy with where my wardrobe was landing.

I bought a chunky dolman sweater on a whim, thinking it was the way to go…but then realized that the way I imagined it looking, was not how it looked at all. Then, decided to let my sister photograph our family photos with me wearing it, and now, I put a giant magnet over myself in our family picture, because WHAT THE?! I didn’t know how to dress myself. My curves are different than they were before I had a baby, and while I’ve lost all of my baby weight, I can’t wear a low rise jean with a slim cut t-shirt, because, uh…I had a baby. I bought a couple cardigans and made it through the season, but last weekend as more snow fell from the sky, I realized how unhappy I was with everything in my closet. I have a few button up boyfriend shirts that I love, but aside from those, my closet is not mom-friendly. I am still nursing twice a day, so I don’t have that factor to consider anymore, but I am bending over and picking Kinsey up, and strapping her to my person in the Ergo, and my closet is just not made for that kind of activity. A sack shirt looks pretty stupid when it is riding up your body from all of the child lifting, and Ergo carrying…

And so, now that you have my descriptive list of grievances about my closet, I have to tell you that last night, I had a wardrobe revelation. The things I used to love, can be made to work for mommyhood. My old love for an American Apparel T-shirt with my boho earrings, can be switched out for a well made v-neck, and a child friendly necklace instead. I can stick with thin cotton long-sleeves, and t-shirts, to prevent over-heating (from all of the lifting/dancing/toddler chasing), but wear a lace headband, so I don’t look like I don’t care. I CARE! I just have struggled figuring out how to be me, but the mom-version of me.

I feel sort of silly, because it is just clothes, but my career was made on clothing. And while I am a Stay-At-Home Mom, I am going to graduate school for FASHION! I was never an Olivia Palermo, but I used to know how to put together a well-accessorized outfit. I used to communicate my personality through my fashion, and for the last year, I’ve just been trying to find a new mold to fit, rather than adapting the old one.

I internet window shopped for hours last night, trying to evaluate what kind of things I actually like–because I think I’ve been buying things that I thought I should be wearing, rather than things that I actually wanted to wear. Do any of you Moms out there know what I am talking about? I hope you can relate, because this whole wardrobe issue has been quite the ordeal. I made a stop at Urban Outfitters this morning after Kinsey & I went to the bookstore. I had very specific shirts in mind, and thankfully found a couple, though will have to order a few of them online. But, I AM SO HAPPY WITH THEM. So, I share them with you…

My favorite Mommy tops–lightweight, forgiving of the little belly bulge (I will not lie to you and pretend like I don’t have one still), and super trendy cut.

Daydreamer LA Dolman Sleeve. (Slouchy Pocket and Sleeve T featured below) You can find them at Urban Oufitters, and a few of the colorways are even on sale. They also make awesome t-shirts, and tanks. Daydreamer and Truly Madly Deeply are my go to brands.



Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans, or a cute pair of boyfriend shorts when the weather warms up. I have a few long gold necklaces that I love to pair with basic t-shirts (and it is a nice little toy for Kinsey to play with). What are some of your favorite fashion pieces? Share them with me?


Stuff I Am Loving : Home Edition

Moving into a new house brings the urge to refresh and decorate. New spaces require new pretty things…at least that is what I keep telling my husband. This edition of “Stuff I Am Loving” is inspired by “Home.”

These Porcelain mugs by StudioRobinPieterse because woodland creatures are simply perfect.


This recycled Row House, Bird House from Anthropologie. Probably a do-able DIY, if you were so inclined.


This amazing quilt that I’m mulling over for our Master Bedroom. I can’t deal with another $15 Ikea Duvet cover and this quilt is simply divine.

jardin quilt

Nate Berkus for Target. Every piece in this collection is just perfect. I picked up the Brass Urchin and the Natural dipped vase, and it really makes the gold accents in our living area pop. Affordable, and totally chic.


And, if you are looking for the perfect coffee table book, why not create an Instabook for your Instagrams? I love these accordion style ones from Rag and Bone Bindery.


Getting My S*** Together.

Hi Guys! Where ya been?!

Kinsey turned 1! We bought a house! We moved! Kinsey got shots! Bryant got sick! I got sick! Kinsey got an epic, multi-day fever, 8 days post-shots!

Did I leave anything out?! Oh, yes. Grad school. I am doing that too. Holy shit dudes (and ettes), I’ve been busy.

I woke up this morning and felt a sense of disorder and decided that I needed to turn off Vampire Diaries and piece by piece, get my life back together. I got my ass out of bed at 7am (shut it, that is EARLY), and I did the dishes, made Kinsey’s breakfast, took a bunch of empty boxes out to our recycle bin, and got dressed, all before the little woke up at 8. I thrive on routine and order, and our life has been the opposite of that, so I needed that 1 hour to pump me up! I suppose when your house is a disarray of boxes, that sort of thing happens, but enough already.

I meal-planned today. Haven’t used my fancy template in about 3 weeks, and instead, have been scribbling meal ideas on the backs of receipts and making several trips to Trader Joes because I KEEP FORGETTING TO BUY LIME! Our Pad Thai last night was missing scallions, and cilantro, which is what happens when you send your husband out for berry cobbler ingredients and he comes back with parsley. Oye.

It has been snowing too. Not even the real kind–but the stupid, may as well be rain, kind. Which, would be fine, except it is Spring now, and my front and backyard is a bunch of dirt…nay, MUD. So, every time I let the damn dogs outside, they trample in with mud packed into their paws, and I’m vacuuming and mopping, yet somehow miss some, and then find Kinsey with dirt all over her face, because dirt is tasty. Then, I resolve myself to the couch, and camp out watching more Vampire Diaries while Kinsey naps, because this cold was wicked awful, and I can’t mop anymore. Out of my control, I suppose, but what is in my control is everything else (and the remote, so I really should just shut it off, but I HAVE TO KNOW WHO THIS JOHN GILBERT DUDE IS!)


Meal planning.


Cooking like a mother f*ing boss.

And, once Utah gets the memo that it is officially Spring, I’ll get my ass outside, and I’ll rake/weed/plant and whatever else people are supposed to do with yards.

I’m getting my mojo back, and thankfully, no one suffered too badly during my multi-week, ‘I don’t want to do anything’ state of mind.


So, what have you guys been up to? I’m way behind on my reader as well (go figure). Will catch up soon….probably. 🙂