Stuff I Am Loving : Home Edition

Moving into a new house brings the urge to refresh and decorate. New spaces require new pretty things…at least that is what I keep telling my husband. This edition of “Stuff I Am Loving” is inspired by “Home.”

These Porcelain mugs by StudioRobinPieterse because woodland creatures are simply perfect.


This recycled Row House, Bird House from Anthropologie. Probably a do-able DIY, if you were so inclined.


This amazing quilt that I’m mulling over for our Master Bedroom. I can’t deal with another $15 Ikea Duvet cover and this quilt is simply divine.

jardin quilt

Nate Berkus for Target. Every piece in this collection is just perfect. I picked up the Brass Urchin and the Natural dipped vase, and it really makes the gold accents in our living area pop. Affordable, and totally chic.


And, if you are looking for the perfect coffee table book, why not create an Instabook for your Instagrams? I love these accordion style ones from Rag and Bone Bindery.



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