Hello There, Colorado.

Kinsey and I are headed to the beautiful state of Colorado tomorrow. It has been a ridiculous week, full of baby fevers (like for real, super high, scary ones), pediatrician visits, and even a trip to the ER. You know how they tell you not to go to the ER for high fevers unless there are other symptoms that are alarming? That is really hard advice to follow when your kid wakes up at 4am screaming, and her fever is 104.8. You are all sleep deprived, and crazy eyed, and of course it seems like the symptoms are alarming–its 4am! She’s got a 104.8 fever! She’s crying! She’s tired! I had just seen the pedatrician the day before, and they told me she would be getting better, but 104.8 didn’t seem better to me, and I freaked out basically, so we piled in the car and when the emergency room. In my defense, I paged our doctor, and the nurse said “it will probably be 30 minutes before they call you back, and I don’t want anything bad to happen between now and then…but I can’t tell you what to do, legally.” She said enough. Long story short, they couldn’t do anything for us. The tylenol kicked in and worked its magic; they confirmed that she wasn’t dying, and again said that it was just a virus. Lame-o. So, we’ve been hunkered down in the house all week, and I had to make a decision as to whether or not our Colorado trip would happen or not, and I’m thinking it will. She’s perking up today, and the fever is almost completely gone. It was some whackadoo thing, because she was fine other than the uncomfortably high body temperature. 

Mommyhood is tough sometimes. 

My best friend is having a baby in June, and her lovely parents work for United, and offered to let me use one of their passes to fly in for the baby shower. It was so incredibly generous and lovely of them, and I can’t wait to get ‘home’ and celebrate the soon-ish arrival of her baby girl. There is something incredibly touching when your best friends (the ones you’ve known forever), start having kids alongside you. We have friends that have kids, yes, but she is the first of my  real close, for real long time, friends to have a baby. It is a short hour and a half flight, and I am going alone with Kinsey girl, so it should be really exciting. I bought suckers and stickers, and I’m ready to entertain her curious little self for the whole flight…alone…with her quarantined to my lap. 

I’ve got my new Vera Bradley duffle, and we are ready to go (Except, I haven’t packed yet. Womp! Womp!)

Additionally, next week is my last week of classes for the semester, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll be posting much until I am done with my final exam/papers etc. Graduate school unfortunately is not flexible with toddler-virus’ so, I’ll be busy. 

Until then, happy week-end-next. 



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