First Words & Cut Gums, and the Hot Dog Man

If you can’t laugh when your kid is trying to claw at your gums with their dagger fingers, then you should probably hire a nanny. I have a cut on my gum from Kinsey trying to “feed me” except she didn’t have food in her hand. It hurts almost all the time and I’m calling it one of the most painful “mom” injuries.

Kinsey said her first word. “Dog.” She’s been saying “Nana” for banana, and “Mama” when she wants something, but we were watching Curious George and she saw a dog and said dog, and I yelled “Hazzah!” She has practiced saying dog when we were talking about Franny or Zoey but some days she just didn’t want to say it. The “d” sound was defeating and every time she’d push out the sound it looked like she had simultaneously pooped while she said it. I didn’t realize the work that goes into talking until I saw her struggling with that “d.”

Lately, Kinsey will be busy playing with a water bottle, or something, and she will forget that I’m here. Then I’ll say “good job, Kinsey” or “what are you doing?” and she will jump and run the other way. It’s like I startled her and then she just flees the scene. I say “Kinsey?” and it’s like she whispers “scatter!!!”

I’m enjoying my daughter. I’m feeling thankful that she is happy most of the time, and makes me laugh all day long.

Kinsey and I met Bryant for dinner downtown so he could take a break from work. We went to this hot dog place, and the owner came in and started gushing over Kinsey. He gave her a free cookie, then, got too close. Suddenly he’s pinching her cheeks and before I could spit out the words to stop, he kissed her on the cheek…then Kinsey’s lip curled and she started sobbing. Rightfully so, because it was a whole new level of stranger danger. Had it happened to me, I would have cried too. Big mom fail on my part, but I just didn’t see it coming! And then, as I tried to console Kinsey and make her forget so she wouldn’t have nightmares about the hot dog man, I couldn’t stop laughing.

I love being a Mom. And I love that I get to spend my days with my little girl. We get to share these seemingly insignificant moments but they mean everything to me.

I feel grateful.


Summer Bucket List

Last week was FULL. Full of social activities, landscaping, cleaning, and saying goodbye to a friend who moved to stupid Muncie, Indiana. Then, I barely had time to be emotional about it because my parents and grandparents flew in to Salt Lake City for the long weekend. It was the perfect distraction. We fired up the grill, sipped on tasty alcoholic beverages, and then they all headed home on Tuesday.

I finally made a trip to the grocery store post-company, buying mostly frozen everything, because I just feel worn out. I can’t imagine myself making homemade meatballs for spaghetti, because that requires standing and stuff, so I bought Trader Joes frozen ones. I took one look at the Morning Star sausages and TJ’s Waffles, and in my head I screamed “YES PLEASE.” I need to decompress this week. Life has been full, and that is great, but I also would really like to take a nap (and eat breakfast food, clearly).

It has also been crazy rainy in Salt Lake City the last couple days, which I think encourages a bit of R&R. Life spirals sometimes; spinning from one thing to the next big thing, and I stopped for a moment today to breathe, and recognized that I haven’t done that enough. The month of June needs to be a month where we just take it easy. I want to rest in the normalcy of things, and intentionally try to keep my schedule loose and free.

Back in January, I made a summer bucket list. I was probably feeling a bit squirrelly from the weeks of snow, but I decided I’d creatively plan our summer. I put together a list of things that I wanted to do as a family, and then printed the list with cutsey pictures that correlated with the activity (Sidenote: I miss having this kind of spare time to do these Pinterest activities. #toddlerprobs) I think that June might be the month that we knock some of them off the list. In my Pinterest search, I came across this bucket list blog, and decided I might have to steal a few.



{Wordless} Wednesday

IMG_1083{Kinsey trying to make a fish face}

IMG_0116{Walking in Downtown SLC}

IMG_1093{Visit from my parents for Memorial Day Weekend}

IMG_1096{I had to keep watch or else I’m pretty sure Kinsey would have been put inside their suitcase}