Stuff I Am Loving: For the Kids

Toddler-dom is a pretty rad time for fun toys and activities. Kinsey’s “baby” stage was all about stuffed animals and hours of staring at multi-colored ring o’ links, but NOW? Now, we can play with princess castles, and go ‘swimming’ in kiddie pools, and there is just so much fun to be had.

Stuff I Am Loving

1. Kiwi Crate


A subscription based kids crafts & activity box sent to your house each month. They offer a 12-month membership for about $17/month, or you can do smaller month subscriptions ranging from $18-$20 depending on your monthly commitment. They also offer single crates that have everything from a Super Hero Craft (complete with mask and cape) to a Make-Your-Own Music box. A really fun way to bring some excitement into your home, and add some variety to your usual routine.

2. Alphabet Zoo Blocks

skiphop zoo blocks

I took Kinsey to the zoo last week for the first time, and it seems that zoo animals have really come to life for her after our trip. We have a set of Uncle Goose blocks that I love & have animals on them, but I’m also really loving these from Skip Hop. Kinsey is finally at an age where we can interact/build/talk about animals, and it is so fun!

3. DrawQuest App for the iPad


I’ve pinned a few “Top iPad” apps for kids, but found that many of them were sorta flat or just not enticing enough for Kinsey’s brilliant little mind {humble brag}. DrawQuest is an app that gives a new “quest” everyday, and while some of them are still sort of challenging for Kinsey’s current age group, it’s definitely a fun alternative to some of the mindless kid’s apps that can be found on the app store. Right now, its an activity that we can do together, and create a learning experience around (Is that a bird? What sound does a bird make? Where does the bird live? etc) Best part? It’s free.

4. Spark Box


I know, I know…subscription services are such a commitment, but the developments that happen from month-to-month are HUGE, and age appropriate toys can be a tasking shopping process. Spark Box offers educational toys that are hand-picked for your child by age/stage. You can choose how often you want new toys (every 4, 6, or 8 weeks) and price ranges from $23-35. Pretty rad.

5. Honest Company


This has absolutely nothing to do with toys, but Honest is now making vitamins! Definitely worth mentioning, because just like food, I get a little bit weird about over the counter vitamins and supplements. Their vitamins contain real food, and bring you the extra nutrients you need, but in a form that your body actually recognizes (free of chemicals and other weirdo preservatives). Right now, they have prenatal, DHA/Omega 3 supplements, Baby and Toddler Multi-Vitamin powder, and soon will be releasing a Kid’s Multivitamin.

Found something lovely that I should know about? Tell me!


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