“BYE”-A Toddler Update

My kid, you guys. Isn’t she a beauty?


19 months old, and I am sitting here feeling like time is entirely against me. I love her, now, but wish I could go back sometimes too. She’s growing too fast. This morning, she spent an hour at a friend’s house while I went to an appointment, and when I picked her up, my friend said “her vocabulary is growing just in the last week!” It’s true. We went from saying just “dog” for weeks, to now adding words like “cracker” which really sounds like “cocka” but whatever. She likes to say “Bye” when she leaves the room. It’s polite really, if you think about it. She waves and says “BYE!” then does a lap around the house and comes back in excitement yelling “HI!” She also thinks that she can just say “Bye” when she wants to do something. We were at Trader Joes yesterday, and I told her she had to hold my hand or ride in the cart. She pulled her hand back, started to walk away and said “Bye Mama!” and headed for the frozen food section like she owned the place. She always says “Bye Bye Dogs” when we leave the house. Every single time. She says “Hello” when I answer my cell phone. She puts her socks on her hippo’s feet. She sings “Meeeee!!!” at the end of the Jake & the Neverending Pirates song, and makes various motor vehicle noises when we are driving around town. She took two hours to fall asleep for her nap today because she was busy telling her hippo stories and saying “Yummy” over and over as she made pretend eating noises. She is exhausting and full of spunk. She screams at random times because she likes the high pitched version of herself. She can down a packet of fruit snacks in 30 seconds flat, then throws her arms up like she doesn’t know where they went and says “More Peez.” She doesn’t like when her hands are dirty, and throws a fit until we either wash them in the sink, or wipe them with a paper towel. I love her. All of her crazy and energy. And at the end of the day, she says “Nigh Night” when she’s tired. She knows when she has had enough, and she cherishes the warmness and rest that only sleep can bring.

19 months. It doesn’t slow down does it?



  1. It’s crazy how fast they grow up, my daughter just turned 3 in August. I can’t even handle it! She’s beautiful, btw. 🙂

  2. No, it speeds up faster! My little guy will be three years old next month and I still remember his first bath, first trip to a restaurant, first plane ride, like it was YESTERDAY!!! Booooo hoooo!!! at this rate he will be asking for the car keys next week!! I feel your pain!

  3. Oh my land she is absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe she’s nine months already.

  4. I was just thinking yesterday how I don’t really remember Phoebe being a baby; it seemed slow at the time but it is so fast. Phoebe also loves saying buh bye to everything, the bathroom, her room, the cat, characters in books!

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