Potty Training Part I: Preparation

I’m preparing to potty train soon.

Kinsey, that is.

I say “preparing” because I bought pull-ups, and M&M’s and am working on clearing my schedule so we can be at home and have long intelligent conversations about pee and poop. I’ve also talked about how I am going to do it soon, as a way to somehow pep talk myself into actually doing it.

I had planned to do it this week, but then scheduled a couple play-dates, and coffee dates, so it’ll have to wait. Next week, probably.

Most likely.

We have a potty seat. It’s Minnie Mouse. I decided against a separate training toilet because honestly, I don’t want to clean that.

So, here’s my plan.

We’ll spend a few days at home, practicing going potty all the day long. I have stickers and M&M’s, and she’ll get those just for sitting on the toilet, and maybe by day 3 she will understand what we are doing a little bit more, and she’ll get some rewards for actually going.

I’m winging it, basically. And, I’m only giving this a go because the kid asks to sit on the potty all the time. It is a really fun activity for her, and she’s actually gone a handful of times. I figure that I better take advantage of her excitement, rather than wait until she is less interested and fights me on it.

Give me some tips. Do you have any? Stuff that has worked for you?

I’m a sponge, so to speak, and will try all of the things to maximize success. Ok, maybe just the things that sound nice, because someone told me that they spent all day in a bathroom with their toddler and I’m pretty sure that is borderline child abuse. I still don’t know how meals were administered in the bathroom.

I’ll report back when there is something to report.

P.S. This mothering thing really didn’t come with a manual FYI.




  1. I was SO AGAINST a little potty. Like, totally grossed out by the idea, even though I have used CLOTH DIAPERS for all my children through the toddler stage. Rob kept insisting that we needed to have one, but I brushed him off. Finally, when things weren’t going well, I broke down and got a little potty and it made SUCH a big difference in our success. Then this whole thing repeated itself with Violet — I did not want to get out the little potty, Rob insisted, when I gave in IT WORKED.

    If you do end up considering a potty, the least gross and easiest to clean one is the simple Baby Bjorn potty.

  2. Here’s my advice: don’t sweat it. Kinsey’s in control. And even kids with the crappiest parents who pay no attention to them whatsoever, let alone entice them with treats and praise when they do go, somehow put 2 and 2 together and wind up not needing to wear diapers after a while.

  3. The Baby Bjorn potty is definitely good for a little potty, but I also love the “Mayfair NextStep Child/Adult Round Toilet Seat” It’s a toilet seat you instal on your toilet and it has a built in child’s seat. It’s awesome and super easy to use and it doesn’t move around. But you might need a little step stool too. ($30 @ Target)

  4. Phoebe’s been a handful of times on the toilet and potty too; but I’m waiting until after this baby is born as I don’t want her to ‘regress’! Hope it goes well, I really wish there was a manual too. Obviously it would be a different manual for each child but it would help!!

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