_before 30

1. Get another tattoo

2. Go to Disneyworld

3. Have another baby

4. Knit something

5. Run a 10k

6. Run a 15k

7. Finish Graduate School

8. Buy a (nother) house

9. Sell our Oregon house

10. Visit Oregon

11. Go on a(nother) cruise

12. Meet all of my new nephews (Mason and the twins)

13. Learn to cook fish to perfection

14. Bake a cake from scratch 

15. Start learning Chinese

16. Lose 10 pounds

17. Start a garden

18. Teach Kinsey to ride a bike

19. Go snowboarding (more often)

20. Live in the same place longer than 2 years

21. Finish writing my book

22. Go to a waterpark

23. Do not buy another dog

24. Learn to play more than 1 song on the guitar

25. Make a pie

26. Go to a NFL game

27. Attempt to put on contacts (eye phobia confronted)

28. Pick berries at a berry farm

29. Go on a family bike ride

30. Teach Kinsey how to swim



  1. […] I’ve made it pretty clear that I am not a baker. Though, I’m pretty certain that my friendship with Haley will yield a few successful baking projects, because she believes that I can be “taught” (and because I watch her bake, and she praises me and says that I helped). Maybe it is the rebel in me (that is definitely the reason), but baking requires too many steps and attention to detail, that I just don’t care to commit. My only real exception to that is baking a pie, because I dominated some pie crust a couple months ago for Chicken Pot Pie, and I plan to complete my ‘bake a pie from scratch’ mission, before I am 30. […]

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