When Oceans Rise…

For whatever reason, it seems that “Oceans” has become everyone’s anthem for 2014.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve heard from friends who have lost their jobs, lost a parent to cancer, are in the midst of deteriorating health issues, are going through divorce, have children who are experiencing chronic health problems, and the list goes on and on. And while all of this is HEAVY, it is not out of the normal for what we experience in our lifetime.

It feels like all of us collectively are moving towards a greater place of trust.

A place of reliance.


Not on ourselves anymore, because we simply can not on our own.

The dawn of the New Year brought me a lot of hope for what is to come in 2014. I feel myself changing in my deep soul places. I’m being more candid with friends about what I am experiencing in life, and marriage.

There are waves of heavy. Waves of anxiety. But, I’m assuring myself that its ok to rest easy, even when that feels hard; impossible even.

And just as I think that everyone is struggling, I hear about pregnancies, engagements, and new job opportunities. There are just as many good moments buried in all of the bad ones.

When the oceans rise, my soul will rest.

Its the opposite of what I normally do, but I’m practicing doing it anyway.


Busy Seasons & My New Job

I am so busy.

I signed up to do the 30 Days of Thankful project and feel like I barely have time to go to the bathroom.

I wish that I was joking.

I took a job, and never told you all about it. Its been about a month now, so I suppose its time to share. My uncle designs and builds beautiful homes in Colorado Springs. Growing up, I was always drawn to his work, and it was what led me to pursue some sort of education in Interior Design. I love home interiors, and love seeing how spaces can become something so beautiful and unique by adding people to the mix. It sounds strange, but our varying personalities and range of taste makes a space what it is. When we enter a space, we live in it, and change it, and it becomes ours. And so, combine beautiful houses and my love for social media, and basically this job was made for me. He is a home builder, and these homes are straight from your dreams. Seriously. So, I blog about home stuffs for both of their companies here and here. I’m working on building their social media communities through Twitter and Pinterest, (here, here, and here). This week I’m working on putting together blog posts about Black Forest Fire victims, and the families who are breaking ground on the rebuilds. I’m blogging about woodwork and spending time on Houzz, because why not?! I don’t know how I got so lucky to be working with my family, doing it from my home in Salt Lake, all while writing about things that so greatly inspire me. I pass emails back and forth with my cousin on the daily, and it is such a joy to work with her on a professional basis. We understand each other, and I’m feeling blessed to know her in this capacity.

I am thankful. So incredibly thankful for this busy season; because, if you forgot, I’m still in graduate school. Oh, and I’m a rockstar mother to the coolest little toddler on the block. I know what you are thinking…and yes, I am crazy.

This season is full of so much joy, and my minutes don’t always feel like they are my own, but I’m grateful.

All of that to say, 30 Thankful days is going to continue to be what it is. Random updates as I have time, because as I said, I’m running on very little at the moment.

But, I’m not complaining.

I’m happy. I have days where I feel like pulling my hair out, but I’m trying to maintain perspective.

So, you can follow my work that I’m doing over there if you want, even if you aren’t living in the Colorado area. There will be some of my signature inspiration pieces thrown in the mix from time to time, like this one that I did talking about Color Theory.

My heart beats through this blog still. I’m committed to keeping it alive and sharing my mother journey…it may just be a little less frequent for the time being.

Catch you on the flipside!

“BYE”-A Toddler Update

My kid, you guys. Isn’t she a beauty?


19 months old, and I am sitting here feeling like time is entirely against me. I love her, now, but wish I could go back sometimes too. She’s growing too fast. This morning, she spent an hour at a friend’s house while I went to an appointment, and when I picked her up, my friend said “her vocabulary is growing just in the last week!” It’s true. We went from saying just “dog” for weeks, to now adding words like “cracker” which really sounds like “cocka” but whatever. She likes to say “Bye” when she leaves the room. It’s polite really, if you think about it. She waves and says “BYE!” then does a lap around the house and comes back in excitement yelling “HI!” She also thinks that she can just say “Bye” when she wants to do something. We were at Trader Joes yesterday, and I told her she had to hold my hand or ride in the cart. She pulled her hand back, started to walk away and said “Bye Mama!” and headed for the frozen food section like she owned the place. She always says “Bye Bye Dogs” when we leave the house. Every single time. She says “Hello” when I answer my cell phone. She puts her socks on her hippo’s feet. She sings “Meeeee!!!” at the end of the Jake & the Neverending Pirates song, and makes various motor vehicle noises when we are driving around town. She took two hours to fall asleep for her nap today because she was busy telling her hippo stories and saying “Yummy” over and over as she made pretend eating noises. She is exhausting and full of spunk. She screams at random times because she likes the high pitched version of herself. She can down a packet of fruit snacks in 30 seconds flat, then throws her arms up like she doesn’t know where they went and says “More Peez.” She doesn’t like when her hands are dirty, and throws a fit until we either wash them in the sink, or wipe them with a paper towel. I love her. All of her crazy and energy. And at the end of the day, she says “Nigh Night” when she’s tired. She knows when she has had enough, and she cherishes the warmness and rest that only sleep can bring.

19 months. It doesn’t slow down does it?